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    Post Dex without dock

    Hello, does anyone try Microsoft Display Dock with S8 ? I see from youtube it can HDMI mirroring with S8 but it's not work for my S8
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    Post Xperia Theme FIFA from Sony - Brazil World Cup 2014

    Can someone please export background picx I dont have Android device, would someone please export pictures from this themes
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    Post [ROOT/ROM/DEV] Korean Galaxy Note Development and Support sharing

    Hi, i'm very new here. Please advise what's my rom and Baseband version. It's working well so that I want to have an backup of stock rom before upgrading to 4.1.2. I tried upgrade via Kies but it said SHV-E160K does not support initialising :mad: Thanks n hv nice weekend Sent from my SHV-E160K...
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    Post [Q] New OS update bricked my Fire. Any quick fixes?

    thanks for your help. This is done with the below solution 1) Copy the update bin file to the /sdcard as Download stock ROM : copy update-kindle-6.3.1_D01E_4107920.bin into Kindle Fire and re-name to...
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    Post [Q] New OS update bricked my Fire. Any quick fixes?

    I have the same issue :( my temp solution is turn off wifi asap after lock-screen appear, wait abt 1-2 minutes then I can turn on wifi and use as normal. Everything will fine for few hours. Any permanent solution plz? I remember that it occurred after i update something from Amazon app store...
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    Post HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 8

    ohhh yeah DFT
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    Post [18-09][SD/MAG] MokeeOS v1.6B[Native sd]-Stable and Fast-Sense 4 theme.

    Sirs, I am having trouble joining contacts, the program force closes every time. what I did : Open a contact / Edit contact / Join / show all contact ---> then it Force Close
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    sirs, I cannot link Facebook contact into a phone contact. What I did is : Open a phone contact ---> Edit contact ---> join --> Show all contacts, then it Force close
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    Post [Jun. 2, 2013][ROM][4.1.2][720p] NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10 V1.5 [NativeSD]

    Thank you sir but I'm not noob :) check this option already but no luck. I'm using this room on Native, the one 2.3.7 on NAND works perfectly with FB contact. Please advise another way ?
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    Post [Jun. 2, 2013][ROM][4.1.2][720p] NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10 V1.5 [NativeSD]

    anyone can sync Facebook's contact ? I add/remove Facebook app many time but no luck :( It says that " Last synced x.x.x.x" but no Facebook contact showed.
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    Post [Q] WP7 installation despite NativeSD?

    yes, that's what you should do. Card#1 for WP7 and Card#2 for SD or NativeSD.
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    Post 19-10-12[SD-MAD][NATIVE SD]Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 3.1.9[Dori 7.2 kernel]

    2G/3G is unstable but wifi is good, sir (magldr)
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    Post [Root][TWRP][FFF][CWM]Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.6 (5/09/12) [First Gen Only]

    hi, help me please, I did not follow the instruction :( 1. Run.bat, ADB Status: Online ADB Rooted: No\ Boot Status: 4000 2. I did not go to Fast mode but selected Install Permanent Boot with Superuser :( Now my Kindle always boot loop to TWRP Recovery, First it shows kindle fire, then TWRP...
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    Post [MAR0812] AmeriCanAndroid AOSP HD2 GB2.3.7 CM7.2 | bk2sdext [KERNEL:ACA823]

    sadly me too :( it's not often abt 1 /day