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  • excuse me i was wondering is it possible to install debian on my rogers dream ebi1 radio, and a link to tut would be appreciated
    I just bought the my touch outside of T Mobile and it was working perfectly. I took it to tmobile and the representative happened to reset the phone to its original settings and no it will turn on but wont go pass a screen with the words "hero" on it. Can you please help me?
    i have two pictures id like to put for my boot screen 1 & 2. i have a ra-magic-v.1.2.3 recovery with cyanogens 4.1.11 & a aero theme. i boot in the fast boot & point my computer to the usb driver but the it doesnt install it says it cant find the driver for it. any recomendations? also if i am able to change the boot screens, if i load different roms would i have to do this everytime? thanks
    Hey man - glad you liked the pics. My name is Geoff, and I'd love to have one of those custom HERO ROMs when they are ready!
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