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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

    Lovely little rom, really snappy. I just got my N5 this week... anyone have any luck with a carrier who will support you without VoLTE? EDIT: So it turns out ATT is supporting "4G but not VoLTE" phones through February 2022 so we have a few months left. Net10 uses ATT's network and is accepting...
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus5 [05/01]

    Did a round battery indicator ever get added? Saw there was a reddit thread dated a couple years ago...
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    Thread Simple text app launching widget?

    Forgive me, I haven't played with much Android customization beyond the options in Nova Launcher since my Skyrocket days, and I haven't done any coding since the late 80's in BASIC and tiny bit of PASCAL so compiling custom stuff isn't something I'm interested in. What I want is the look of...
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    Thread Consensus on best old-school ROM?

    So back in my Skyrocket and G2 days I was a fan of AOKP but I haven't flashed a custom ROM in years. I also remember SlimRom being a thing, Paranoid, straight CM etc. Got my N5 inbound and am looking for a minimalist Kitkat/Marshmallow based ROM to run de-Googled but it's kinda tough sorting...
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    Post New/refurb Nexus 5's from China on ePay?

    Neverminded, found one domestically which made more sense anyway :)
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    Thread New/refurb Nexus 5's from China on ePay?

    Anyone taken a chance on these? The seller's FB is good, been around about three years so not a total fly-by-night, but the pics look like stock photos. I'll link the exact posting if asked, but figure it's prolly bad form/would appear to be shilling. Suddenly feel the need to correct my...
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    Post Tempered glass vs. plastic screen protector

    I swear by Realook protectors. Sure, they're plastic, but they are the best fitting and best feeling I have found. Crystal clear and no orange peel or rubbery drag. I tried the Ziess glass cover on my g2 and could never get over the combination of the extra thickness at the edges and that cases...
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    Post [ROM] AICP - 6.0 - KK 4.4.4_r2 [D800/801/802/803/LS/VS980]

    OTA updater... Ok, not to be 'that guy' who doesn't re-read 51 pages of thread, but is there a setting I'm missing which would make the updater only operate on wifi? I have a minimalist data plan and the updater is tripping overage charges (not the download of the update, but the OTA notifier...
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    Post [APP] [2.0 +, ICS supported ] RocketDial- Best android dialer you can have .

    Notification bar woes... Been a Rocket Dial Pro user for years. Love it. But... the last, oh, few months, while in a call my cheek will bring up the (android) settings menu, then another brush will go into Date/Time settings, and the next thing I know by the end of the call my phone thinks it's...
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    Post LG V510 is a Google Edition LG G Pad 8.3 (source and kernel linked)

    So it looks like the Nexus 8.3 rumors turned into 8.3 GPE? While this will definitely be the one I buy (don't need the 3G rumored in the Nexus 8) but I was hoping the Nexus would happen to invite some developer love...
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    Post [ROM] Official AOKP [4.3 & 4.4] [d800,d801,d802,vs980]

    So glad to be back in the land of the Pink Unicorn... Thanks rohan! And to the MxPlayer woes, yeah I had them too on Houstonn's (GREAT) 4.4, but only when trying to play wmv files. Files already in mp4 work just fine. Edit: looks like other file types are playing fine for me. Anyone tried...
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    Post [Q&A/T] - [AOSPA 4.4.4 KTU84P] ParanoidAndroid 4.4+ G2

    Daydream... anyone else notice that when the phone is on daydream and night mode is selected the screen glows slightly and the clock is so faint as to be all but invisible? Is this a rom thing or a function of the LG's LED screen? I recall reading the blacks on our screen aren't as black as the...
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    Post [AOSPA 4.4.4 KTU84P] ParanoidAndroid 4.4+ G2 [06/28]

    On this turkey-day, I'm thankful for Houstonn :)
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    Post [Q&A/T] - [AOSPA 4.4.4 KTU84P] ParanoidAndroid 4.4+ G2

    D800 -26b ok, so I retrieved my first VM today (I know everyone hates ATT Visual VM but I like it) and as soon as I hit the button to delete the message it was acting all like 1950- static, beeps, tones at max volume, volume keys were not connected to turn it down etc. rdet tn I'v seen, er...
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    Post Screen protectors

    Personally I have always sworn by RealLook- not the cheapest, but they fit the better than any I have found, are crystal fracking clear and feel good too. I have the Speigen on my G2 and maybe it's just me, but doesn't feel as slick as the RL. Also, and this may be my imagination, but it seems...