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  • hi, i am new to this forum, i am having a bluetooth issue with my HTC cruise(POLARIS)(radio: from htc rom .

    The issue is , I am not able to get the stored caller name on my i-tech clip d-radio Bluetooth head set, it is having caller id display BTver 2.1, but only caller number is coming...
    but if i pair the same BT with motorola L9, Sony erricson k5 if i get call from stored number, the name is comming in BT display.

    I installed advanced config utility and tried all the settings under BT and still didn't get the desired result. I also installed Window Mobile 6.5 cooked ROM.

    About BT Head set: it is a stero BT,With caller ID display, FM, BUZER, BT VER 2.1. it is from itechdynamics hongkong..

    Please let me know what is the exact reason for not displaying the caller name in HTC CRUISE and what is the exact difference between normal mobile hardware and HTC CRUISE

    hi there, first of all i must say that u cooked the best rom ever, and believe me i tried them all , so thank you!

    i need a little help, how can i copy the htchomesettings.xml, the resco explorer just say i cant overwrite it (i already disabled the touchflo3d) , thank you for you time.
    i would really love to use your new polaris rom, but like many others here i use only german roms, cant you realease a german version too ? PPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE :)
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