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  • Hi Tony,

    I found a solution for this whole problem. :D Now the only thing i need is to upgrade software form WM6.1 to WM6.5. Can you help me with that pls. :D
    Last message continued :)
    I read post from this site: and I have done just one thing from there "How to Hardreset a WM5 BA device " and I softreseted it and holded record and camera and do this"
    “Enable KITL” must be NO
    “Clean Registry Hive” must be YES
    “Format Storage” must be YES
    exit - "mail" button "
    After that my Backup batery was 50%, now 75%, and it couldnt read my SIM card. I just want to upgrade it to WM6.5, but i dont know how!!! Pls help me i know you know everything so try to make me happy :rolleyes:
    Chef_tony i will call you like that bcz i dont know your real name xD
    I got a big problem.... I have Qtec 9090. I upgraded it to windows mobile 6.1 4 or 5 months ago , but i dont know how i had upgraded it. I have just copied whole folder of that software on SD card and typed one of files from my mobile phone and it was dark screen, i think there was writing something "serial..." and then i connected mobile to computer and installed software, there was missing some apps. but it worked OK with few bugs... But, 2 days ago my mobile battery went off and i started to recharge it... When it was turned on, something get wrong, i couldnt call anyone, enter contacts or recive SMS! I reseted it but nothing!
    continued in 2nd message :)
    Hello Tony,

    My 02 xdaIIs was dead while upgrading ROM.It was struck at 23 % and i was forced to disconnect.Now it is not showing any screesn even in full charged battery.I soft reseted but not working ITS DEAD.When i tried to put in bootloader mode its too not working.when i cradled and tried to charge its shows a Red led glowing when i put off the charger it ill goes off .Could you pls help me ??

    Thanks in Advance

    Milesh James
    Hi Chef_Tony I would like to ask you if you could explain to me how i can get Egzthunder1's WM6.5.3 Build 23518 menu icon size on other roms, like d-two´s foe example.... and i´d like to ask you which BA rom do you use/recommend and why

    best regards
    hi. well i am writing to you again after some time. well i am trying to update my pda2k which is currently on WM6.0 to wm6.5. i have downloaded almost every ROM available on this site as well as in your links. but non of them works. as per instructions i have to put my mobile in boot loader mode. i did that but nothing happens. well when i put it in boot loaded it give me three options
    Enable KTL
    Clean registry hive
    format storage

    i change last 2 options to yes confirm buy pressing message button and put it in cradle. it waits for input and waits and waits but nothing happens and the application running on computer gives communication error and quits.
    can u help me how to update it properly.
    Many thanks for replying Chef,

    The ROM that I have used is "Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Beta English Rom 28008" - V1.0. This is your Thread:

    1)The battery life is not great after flashing the 6.5, I mentioned above but am not sure how it is on other ROMs. I had 2003SE before that. This is the first time I tamper with software to this extent and I am finding it absolutely amazing.

    2)The hissing noise, is like what you hear from screens of old tv with sound turned off!! Do you think it is related to the CPU having to process complex tasks or software of the WM 6.5?

    3)Is there a newer and more stable version of the WM 6.5, as I seem to need to to reset continuously, due to freez.

    Any advice?

    Many thanks again.
    Dear Chef,
    First, wish you a happy new year.

    Second, I read your answer about the battery life in XDA iis. This is indeed happening with mine and I must admit, I am software illiterate! I followed your guide on flashing 6.5 and after many attempts, I managed and it is working reasonably well. I suppose nothing would come without some problems, like the side effects of medicines.

    I read somewhere in the forum on another handset, that if you disable or uninstall "", you can get a better battery life!!

    The other question is whether there is any way to get rid of the hissing noise that comes from the screen. It only happened after flashing WM6.5.

    I really appreciate your expert advise.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Hi there and thank you for the info. But I am new to this type of phone how would i know if it is a GSM phone
    Hi 'Chef Tony',
    A big 'thanks' & a question :
    I am using a m1000 for 'a application' cartoexplorer 3.12 ( hires maps for small treks). As a spare I got a m2000 which was quite SW outdated. I tried to update it via the regular orange tool under W7RC and got the usual 'disconned device/reconnect but no driver found' problem.
    I went through your advices and put the device back life yesterday night.
    Now my question, cartoexplorer (the PC software) is installing an application named pocket explorer on the Qtek when you first try to connect the PDA in the cartoexplorer menu. Fine, but if your battery lapse, then you end up with a big problem as the pocked explorer install is a one go (you need to un install carto, clean the registry, reinstall carto, reinstall pocket and the according donwloaded maps). My question is, is there any way to have pocket expl installed in a non-volatile storage area but still under W2003SE as it looks like carto 3.12/pocketexplorerneeds WM2003
    I got a Qtek 9090 new with all original accesories and boxes, how much would you offer for it.
    Best regards.
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