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  • Congradulations! You are my first friend. =o) ok
    here is how you do it thru terminal...
    copy the better browser.apk to root of your sdcard. (you can rename it "Browser.apk" to make it easier)
    open terminal.
    type in:
    mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /system/app/Browser.apk /system/app/browser.old (backs up your old one)
    cp /sdcard/Browser.apk ?system/app/Browser.apk

    Any app you want to install, you can do this way. Pay attention to the Spaces and Capital letters. if it's installed correctly, the browser icon will dissappear from your home screen.

    good luck. CM-1.999 comes with loccy's better browser already.
    What rom are you using?
    Hey buddy,fellow Chevy fan here! Thought I would add you to my friends.Also was wondering if you could give me instructions on how to install Loccy's Better Browser through Terminal. I tried to adb push it and tried it through Terminal and it is not installing on my phone.Any idea? I appreciate any help!
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