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    Thread betatest

    Yeah I signed up first thing this morning. 35 out of 300
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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    Hello. Stay at home!
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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    Hi.. This morning I received b186. France.
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    Thread unlock bootloader?

    Hi. I understand that Huawei no longer provides this service. But, if someone has a solution, I am listening.
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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    hi hicare. France
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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

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    Post [ROM][10] DarkJoker360 AOSP 10 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    Hello. i have a mate 10 lite. works perfectly for me. thank you.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0] Dot OS P v3.0 for Hi6250

    you should test with a firmware version stock emui 8.0 old. October or November. he will boot
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    Thread research oeminfo

    Hi I propose you to share your oeminfo poud dub-xx I'm looking for it could someone share oeminfo dub-lx2 thank you.
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    Post [Pie][2020/04/15] /e/ unofficial rom GSI

    Hello the rom started well on my huawei mate 10 lite kirin 659. EMUI8.0
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    Post [ROM][GSI] MSM Xtended XP9 Release v19 [UNOFFICIAL][ARM64 A-A/B/ARM32A]

    Thank you. To start on the Huawei mate 10lite Rne-l21c432 firmware October 2018 b338. Firmware stock + twrp0.5 test. Wipe / data format. Wipe / advanced wipe / davik, cache, data and system. Install xtented image + your pacht boot. Reboot. :silly: