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    Post Laggy gesture navigation experience

    try turning off MIUI gestures and use Fluid Gestures ( maybe it will work better for you. Also i noticed when you turn off animation in MIUI gestures settings it work a lot faster.
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    Post Android 9 & Custom ROMs

    MCAOSP as good as it gets
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    Post Laggy gesture navigation experience

    not much, the Little cores frequency distribution before modification was Deep Sleep 90%, 633Mhz 10%. Now after the mod Deep Sleep is the same but 633Mhz is 1% and 1400Mhz is 9%
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    Post Laggy gesture navigation experience

    if you have root, install kernel adiutor and in the cpu section go to Little core tunables and set "boost" setting to "1". I enabled this switch in AOSP ROM, definatle feels the difference.
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    Post *Post Your Redmi Note 5 pro Home Screen(s) Set Up!*

    Nice! But, you'll get burned pixels very fast with black background.
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    Post [MOD][CameraPatch] BBD Camera Booster For Redmi Note 5 Global&CN (Whyred)

    is it possible to create twrp patch for those who dont use magisk?
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    Post [APP][FEEDBACK] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    This bug with front camera portrait mode on stable MIUI10 is main reason i switched back to MIUI10 beta, now it's back to normal. Now my question is, did anyone managed to make back (main) camera portrait mode working with MIUI? (with or without HDR) ---------- Post added at 12:57 PM ----------...
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    Post Screen on time

    I dont need autosync with mails and FB messages poping up, so I use it almost all of the time :)
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    Post Screen on time

    What do you mean? I use 2 sim cards, one 4G for internet, one 3G for voice calls. During the trip all was at default, plus sometimes I used train's free wifi. As i did mainly reading and some photography i turned on battery saver feature.
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    Post Screen on time

    my SOT from a daylong train trip MIUI10 stable rom
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    Post [Magisk] Touchscreen Fix

    what was the problem exactly?
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    Post (MI A2) MiCamV2 [v1.0.3][UNITY+gcam patches]['18-11-28]

    All the features work as stated in the first post?
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    Post This phone is bad

    heres mine GPU profiled. 3GB RAM/32GB ROM version, MIUI 10 by 8.9.6 try changing transition effects in launcher, noticed a little lag when changing transition to anything other than default. but not sure if we're speaking about the same thing.