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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (SM-T230)

    Hello! I have searched for the same thing, but the android version no longer supports youtube, I have to use an alternative client. NewPipe is good. As for the ROM, I use "cm-11-20211124-UNOFFICIAL-degaswifi", it has a slightly updated part. DEGASWIFI is the code name of the tablet.
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI 11

    you have to use the latest orangefox recovery
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    Post [MOD] Atlantis Concept [AROMA] [MIUI] [AOSP]

    excuse me if im annoying; any update is coming?
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    Dolby isnt works for me, when I open Dolby, this crash. Any solution?
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    Post [ROM][Developer] MIUI 11

    Camera is working fine for me
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    Post [MOD] Atlantis Concept [AROMA] [MIUI] [AOSP]

    Is working on MIUI 11, isn't question, is affirmation. I only used a few options, delete some apps, installed YouTube, magisk and some modules.
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    Post Bootloader unlocked message

    a simple post, with the detailed instructions step by step
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    Thread Fix bootloader message

    For some reason, few cases present the generic and ugly message of bootloader unlocked, and not the original of Xiaomi and here I have the solution. If you have a uggly bootloader message, like this: And you want the common image with a padlock, similar to this (but not the same): You only...
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    Post Bootloader unlocked message

    can you try with the twrp-cn?, only the "CN" has the option for flash logo or you can try flash from fastboot, with the next commands fastboot flash logo logo.bin
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    Post [Mi 8]Google Camera Mod(STABLE)

    Why the front camera is only 5mp and not 20mp?