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  1. choder

    Post Custom ADB Magisk Module Mod Maker

    I just installed the new March image and tried this mod, and it failed to boot as well. I ran "adb wait-for-device shell magisk --remove-module" but it didn't remove the module in magisk. It just went to the magisk help screen in CMD.
  2. choder

    Post Screen2Auto - New app for AA smartphone mirroring (only for root devices).

    I can't get the screen2auto to show up on my android auto in my vehicle. I have all permisions granted but nothing shows up. -Magisk 21.2 -Android 11 -Screen2auto 3.4.5 -AA AIO Tweaker Any suggestions.
  3. choder

    Post Unable to pass SafetyNet

    This worked for me as well! Thanks.
  4. choder

    Thread Lost Root - After Magisk Update

    There was an update to magisk and after installing it I lost root. I used magisk manager to download it and install it. I still have magisk manager. Is this common when updating? When I try to flash the patched boot image, I am just stuck on the google "G" boot screen forever.
  5. choder

    Thread All Media will not play

    I have a bootloader unlocked, rooted Pixel XL that will not play any videos. Issues -cannot record video with camera app -cannot record audio with audio recorder -cannot play any video in any app (it will load but just wont play) -Can play a video in chrome but no sound present I have...
  6. choder

    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    It is updated. Tried flashing on 3 different computers. Finally the 3rd one worked.
  7. choder

    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    Fastboot: Error When I flash this I get to the following? error message in fastboot extracting vendor.img (663 MB) to disk... took 3.077s archive does not contain 'vendor.sig' Resizing 'vendor_a' OKAY [ 0.005s] Sending sparse 'vendor_a' 1/3 (262140 KB)...
  8. choder

    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    Thanks, I hope it gets added. This is one of the number one reasons I root. I am sure someone will say there are other ways of activating the flashlight, but they always involve interacting with the screen and more than one action required.
  9. choder

    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    Torch / Flash light power button toggle Does this rom have the ability to hold the power button down with the screen off, to enable the flashlight / torch?
  10. choder

    Post Clock Mods - Remove Navbar Mod

    The Nav Bar removal worked great! Now I can use FNG, which I find so much better than googles gestures. ”I have also not experienced any lag in the camera.” Edit. I guess I just didn't see the camera leg before, but it is still there.
  11. choder

    Post Nova Launcher issues?

    I have it set in Nova Launcher Settings, but I still have problems with it.
  12. choder

    Post [Tutorial] Unlock Bootloader, get root and valid Safetynet

    This boot image also worked for me.
  13. choder

    Post Nexus 7 2013 FLO for use in car. Need Lineage OS, Kernal advice, Gapps info.

    Thanks for this. I have been using my nexus 7 in my vehicle for years, but it needed a refresh. I followed this and worked perfect.
  14. choder

    Post [Working] Google Call Screening on Android 10 Beta [WIP] Google Visual Voicemail

    Thanks, here is the thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7-pro/themes/magisk-modules-anxious-7-pro-v51-t3989609