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    Post [ROM] [NONCFW] [12.1] [BEGONIA/BEGONIAIN] PixelPlusUI v4.5 | Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro [OFFICIAL] [AOSP]

    Hi everybody. Need your help. Unlocked my phone and flashed TWRP + It's awesome rom, and I want to stay on it but there is an issue: even after short use phone become very hot + battery holds a charge very short time - only about 10-12...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 4.0.0p1 [AOSP 4.4.4] [3.4 kernel] [Nightlies] With /data/media

    Yes, you've caught an idea. Thanks for reply. I will be looking forward for updates
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 4.0.0p1 [AOSP 4.4.4] [3.4 kernel] [Nightlies] With /data/media

    How to edit android reboot menu Thank you for response. Sorry that I did not clarified the issue. The is no WebOS option in moboot menu. I was wondering if it possible to edit not moboot menu but extended android reboot menu (when you are holding the power button). There are four options...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 4.0.0p1 [AOSP 4.4.4] [3.4 kernel] [Nightlies] With /data/media

    Reboot Menu Removed WebOS and installed this ROM with TPToolbox. How can I edit Reboot Menu to remove option "WebOS"
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    Post [APP] LUKS Manager [v2.3] - Encrypted volumes via loopback for rooted phones

    Did anyone succeeded to make it work under Android 4.2 ?
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    Post CM9 Alpha 2 out with support for Netflix.

    Does it support HD video?
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    Post how much you pay for your TP ?

    $250 - Brand new TP 16GB - eBay $316 - New HP Bundle TP 32GB + Touchstone Charger/Dock + HP Case - eBay
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    Post [N2E] Nook Touch n-button mapping

    Progress? Any progress with n-button remapping to make it act like usual HOME-button?
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    Post Desktop dock A2DP

    Did anybody managed to connect other phone than Nexus One to Desktop Dock via bluetooth?
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    Post Windows on Nook Color

    Thanks. But what I really want is to have a chance to boot Windows Mobile on Nook Color to run my app.
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    Post Windows on Nook Color

    Please, Advice Only, No holy war comments Let me clarify: I'm not Windows addict to make my Android looking like Windows. I have a great need to work with a specialized application that exists on two platforms: Microsoft Windows (x86) and Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition or...
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    Post Windows on Nook Color

    Does anybody know: is there any WM6.5 device with hardware similar to Nook Color, to use its ROM on Nook Color?
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    Post My Nexus One has Screen Burn In of Notification Bar

    This is a photo how a screen looks like after one year: