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    Post [ROM][11.0][POTTER] crDroid v7.7 [16.06.2021]

    Thx. OTA Update worked. WLAN took some time/help to connect.
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    Post Question Poco X3 pro bugs

    Same device, same issue. I had it on MIUI 12.0.5 and have it now on 12.5.1 (both debloated). It believed it was because of the debloating but reading this it might be a problem only on the 8/256 GB version? I can share from MIUI gallery but not from any Messenger (WhatsApp) or Edit App...
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0] crDroid 7.7 [OFFICIAL] (vayu/bhima) Unless you have some newly released ANX Mod which works fine on New Custom Roms for MIUI. Then please share the...
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    Post Question How to install ANX camera?

    @pl1992aw thank you very much. I suspected battery saving actions like freeze in background etc. but not that the performance of Apps in the foreground will be heavily limited. So this is new to me as this is the first time I use MIUI for a longer time and daily use. I did add all GCams to...
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    Post Question How to install ANX camera?

    GCam development with BSG 8.1 and various XML and Libs (alternative NGCam for Selfie/Dark) is at a good state. Most insiders wait for the release of the Arnova GCam for PX3P (curently in closed beta). I'm looking for GCam Video EIS as smooth as Stock Cam Steady Video. So far found no GCam able...
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    Post Question Security App Privacy Status

    @pl1992aw I usually do not root, Magisk, Xposed etc. I'm using Blokada (over VPN) which seems to filter out most things because while active, settings change in the Security App have no effect - going online is requested ;-) So I do not feel totally exposed but would like to understand more...
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    Thread Question Security App Privacy Status

    After reading various private data collection warnings like this I'm interested to understand if the current Security App 5.3.0-210508.1.2 on my debloated MIUI Global 12.5.1 is still...
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    Post [ROM][11.0][POTTER] crDroid v7.7 [16.06.2021]

    I have 3GB XT1685 and this is not my daily driver but I tested GCam's which might be useful for you (spoiler: Video EIS is not good):
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    Post [New][Stable] Google Camera Mod with HDR+ & Portrait

    Now on fresh installed (no GApps/root/magisk) with MicroG and looking if a reliable daily driver GCam for potter is available on this system - focus Video EIS. MGC_7.3.020_Parrot043-v2 2020-05-11 since it has a potter.xml file (placed in...
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    Post FM transmitter

    From Phone to the FM Transmitter BT is used, but from Transmitter to a classic Analog Radio a FM Signal creation is needed. Not sure if a FM Radio receiver in a phone could be used like this to send a FM signal.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][POTTER] crDroid v7.7 [16.06.2021]

    Can the "screen" when swiping to the right with the "crDroid best ROM" message be removed or do the two screens need to be active when one has no apps/icons at all?
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    Post [Oreo][Stock][Rom] TWRP Flashable Stock Builds

    Thank you @NZedPred Trough installation of I was able to later have fingerprint available again in
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    Post Question So what is the best android charging habit...?

    thx @pl192aw for explaining. battery idle mode sounds interesting. For now I can't leave the Stock MIUI (debloated) or World because I mainly need Stock Cam Steady Video unmatched smoothness. I have hope from private messages that GCam Arnova (in private Beta) will change this. If...
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    Post Question So what is the best android charging habit...?

    Regarding battery temperature at least after reaching 100% I never noticed a hot or even warm phone. I taught the device/system has some "charging intelligence" when always connected, so that the phone is directly using the power from the cable while the battery is not drained? In Stock MIUI...
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0] crDroid 7.7 [OFFICIAL] (vayu/bhima)

    I'm searching for a good explanation of the pieces of software to boot and run a modern Android device like our Poco X3 Pro. Meaning what is based on the Manufacturer branded Stock ROM / Firmware (MIUI 12.x in our case) and what on the Custom ROM (crDroid here)? My understanding is limited and...