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  • hi chriscsh

    I just wanted to know how much your Hero Sense UI consumes RAM ? I am a happy owner of Qtek S200 and have only 64 with 200Mhz processor. Would it be enough for that or it will operate slowly ?
    Hi i have just put you Hero Titanium pack on my touch diamond and its excellent great work, how ever i do have a few things to ask.
    1. if im not connected to wifi it wants me to enter my internet name all the time see picture
    2. how would i be able to go about and edit things like the colour of the text i would rather learn myself but just a helping hand on what to use to edit the text,
    3. would there be anyway to edit the calender to go straight to month view,

    thanks in advance if you reply to my email if possible
    [email protected]

    thank you again for any help
    Hello,I have used your Hero Titanium,but there is a problem that the lockscreen does not work,what is the matter?Please help me! My screen is QVGA!
    Hello,I have used your Hero Titanium,but there is a problem that the lockscreen does not work,what is the matter?Please help me
    just imagine your popularity with the wvga people who inhabit the planet of htc xda developers, (Blackstone, Diamond2, Rhodium) I mean exactly thousands, perhaps millions around the world who would honour you should you create one for WVGA.

    Hello Sr. this is the first time that I write to you, 1st congratulations for your work, 2nd I have a Atom Life and I want to install the WM 6.5 could you told me where I can download the lastest or most stable rom that you have please thanks so much really thanks
    Actually, can you write a chinese version or a instruction with pictures? i think it will be helpful to me.
    btw, i am a hong konger too~~
    i love your work but i have 3 problems want u to help me to fix it

    1. Install Today Plugin soft reset then nth change
    2. I cant find this TodayPlugin --> select XIAMultiTheme4
    3. I cant find install topbar.mscr

    thx for helping me !! ^^
    Hey Chris,
    I love you work on your contacts page. Would you mind if I ported it over to throttle launcher? I'll happily give you FULL credit in the xml header and when I post it.
    I have seen your post about accessing some control panel applets on WM6 , e.g.
    USB to PC connection. The same happens with and Wireless Manager and Encryption.
    _T("ctlpnl.exe"), _T("cplmain.cpl,27,0"), - Encryption.
    The applet is displayed for a very short time and then disappears.
    If you have found what is it all about, I would be grateful if you gave me some advice.
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