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Recent content by chrisduke

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    Post Kospet Prime 2 on Android 10 - Root?

    After some more digging I found the Developer menu in Settings > System
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    Post Kospet Prime 2 on Android 10 - Root?

    Sorry to hijack your thread but was hoping to get your advice. I have a Prime 2 that I've tried to put into developer mode (tap on the Build number and all that). It says it's now in developer mode but there's no developer settings menu item. Just wondering if you experienced the same or if...
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    Post step counter sw3 doesn't work

    I had the same issue and turned out to be a combination of the gyro being stuck (compiled and installed an app from github.com/drejkim/AndroidWearMotionSensors to check the gyro and accel) and the OS update screwing with older watch faces. I gave the watch a firm tap on the face to get the gryo...