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  • I was thinking of flashing it with SpiderMan or something similar .... either making a cable taking power from USB buss and data from serial port ... or possibly using the port on the phone that's under the battery... still not sure what the purpose of it is though. The only problem I have is that I have no idea how to compile a ROM to flash. If this device is flashed with the initail ROM there must be a way to flash it again! ... any suggestions?

    I was reading a thread Re: pdocread problems - I followed your suggestion to dump the ROM from my T32 (daxian) -
    C:\itsutils>pdocread -w -d msflash -p Part00 -b 0x800 0 0x11f000 Part00.raw

    Awesome work! ... now I have 4 .raw files... just wondering what tool you use to extract the files form the .raw ... and if you've had any success with flashing modifed ROM .. and what you use to flash the device.
    I've spent a lot of time hunting around for help but no one seems to be modifying/flashing ROMs for this device.
    Any help woujld be greatly appreciated.
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