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    Post Screen on time

    Not really, just no point in turning things on we don't need :good:
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    Post S20 vs S20 FE 4/5G Rootability

    Do you have the link? :good:
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    Post Screen on time

    Snapdragon model here... I'm averaging around 8-9hrs SoT with the following set-up: Optimized Power Mode 120hz on 40% brightness Auto Brightness off Dark Mode always AoD off 80-90% on WiFi / 10-20% on 4G 5G disabled in settings BT on when needed (headphones or Xbox controller for xCloud) All...
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    Post Gap Between Screen and Frame

    I'm happy enough with the build quality to be honest, I'm just wondering why there's no speaker grill and if it's meant to be this way with regards to the gap. If it's the same on the other S20 models then I guess it's by design.
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    Post Anyone experiencing touch issues?

    I thought mine was ok until playing Forza Street yesterday... re-applying the gas out of a corner it wouldn't register me pressing the screen and the car came to a standstill. I flipped the phone so the gas pedal was at the top of the screen near the camera cut out and all seems fine again...
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    Thread Gap Between Screen and Frame

    Noticed recently when cleaning my phone and case there's a small gap between the screen and frame for the ear piece speaker. Seems strange there no grill here to keep out dust and fluff etc. I assume this is by design and doesn't affect the IP68 rating?
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    Post S20 FE Cases and Covers

    Ideally I'd like a case with a clear tempered glass back and rubber side bumpers, but I got one of these to tide me over until there's a better selection available: Its a good fit on the phone with a raised lip around the screen and camera. It also...
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    Post Looking forward to this release.

    Would you be able to check if the 40W SuperCharger from your P30 Pro works with the S20 FE at 25W? I'm upgrading from a broken P30 and it would be cool if I didn't have to buy the 25W Samsung charger. Cheers ;)
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    Post What color are you getting?

    Just pre-ordered the Cloud White from O2 to replace my smashed P30.
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    Post What update is everyone on in the UK? Unlocked Phone O2 SIM
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Last homescreen from my S7... I'll be setting up my P30 soon (it's still in the box whilst I await a case & screen protector :o)
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Hey Marcus, love your work! Please can you let me know what weather widget you're using?
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    Post [ROM][G930F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Further to my post above... I was trying it again yesterday and the Smart View Icon doesn't disappear when I click on "Cancel Connection". I also notice that if I turn off WiFi with Smart View connected it forces my phone to reboot. I'm loving the ROM otherwise, but it would be great if...
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    Post [ROM][G930F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Hey folks, Is anyone having any issue with Smart View on this ROM? Ever since flashing it I can't seem to mirror my phone to my Samsung TV. I notice wlan.wfd.hdcp=disable is already in the build.prop Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][G920/5] [12/5] XtreStoLite DeoMod Edition 3.3.1 MM [DPDP] [F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S]

    Loving the MM version of this ROM on my G925F but have a quick question - what's the best way to get the 3Minit Battery mod working properly? After flashing it via the Aroma installer I open the app and it tells me it's out of date, but doesn't give the option to download a new version...