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  • hi
    i havnt got the files u said.would i be able to get them.i hav a file called accelerometercalibrator.i think its for htc diamond
    I like my X7510 because of it's screen size and keyboard. I can't compare it to the Touch HD since I have not tried that phone. The only things I can think of not liking about the Touch HD is the lack of keyboard and slightly smaller screen, otherwise, I don't think you would hate it if you go for it. But for me personally, I prefer clamshell devices, or at least something with a keyboard, so the Touch HD does not appeal to me in any way. I hate touching the screen most of all or at least give us the buttons so we have an option not to touch the screen.
    I need to ask you if you like your device, cuz I'm just a few days away from getting mine, and HOW do you compare it to the NEW HTC Touch HD? should you go for the HD if it was released with the x7510? or do you still like it?

    Last Question:

    Will there be ROMs for the x7510 like for the x7500?
    I have XDA II and was able to upgrade it all the way from WM 2003 till WM6.1, its 've been 4 years now, and my mobile (XDA II) is still going on, this is the same way I want my Advantage TO BE!

    Thanx alot
    If you are asking about my X7510, it was about $1200. I bought it from one of HTC's official supplier in the UK. Cheaper than what Dynamism, Mobile Planet, or On The Go Solutions offer it.
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