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Recent content by Claghorn

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    Post What on earth is the T-Mobile app manager?

    Finally got an app manager notification to clean up unused apps. As expected, it didn't give me the option of cleaning up any of the unused apps that are forced on me (like bixby, for instance). Sure seems like the app manager is another good app to delete.
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    Thread What on earth is the T-Mobile app manager?

    And why did it put up an annoyingly persistent notification after I got a system update this morning saying it was "initializing my experience"? I found the T-Mobile description of app manager and it is a fantastically large concatenation of words that says nothing :-).
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    Thread Can I make the volume button into a power button?

    I've got the "side key" set to be a power button, but every fiber of my being believes the power button is the one on top. Is there any way I can make the volume up button act as a power button?
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    Thread Why did my custom alarm sound become inaccessible?

    I went into the google clock app to set an alarm, and the custom sound I've used for years and years had an error saying it could not be accessed. I clicked on the "add new sound" button, navigated to the exact same file which still lived on the system, and it can play it now that pointed to it...
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    Thread Cannot access local lan web site (sometimes)

    I have various machines on my lan in 192.168.1.*, I have a local DNS server to give those machines names. This normally works great, but my new Samsung Galaxy S21 sometimes says "cannot access" when I point it at a web address of a server running on my lan. I'll use a network utility app to do a...
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    Post Why does only system file chooser work?

    I don't remember exactly, but I found some button somewhere that brought up a list, and one of the elements in that list was named for my phone with a generic picture of a phone. Absolutely at random I poked it to see what would happen, and apparently that is the icon that in the twisted mind of...
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    Post Always On Edge - Edge Lighting App

    I installed this app, attempted to read the instructions in the app setup and uninstalled it because I didn't have the energy to sort through the gibberish and try to understand it. I don't suppose there is a web page anywhere with examples of how to implement different scenarios and exactly...
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    Thread Still no repeating edge lighting?

    I setup notifications to repeat, and I do get repeated notification sounds, but I don't get repeated edge lighting. I saw complaints about that on the S20, is it still impossible on the S21?
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    Post What cases would you recommend for S21?

    I just got an Otterbox Defender, and I don't know how well I like it. The ridge around the screen is so high it is difficult to get my finger to swipe down notifications versus just swiping down access to the list of apps. And while it will charge on my wireless charger, it seems much more...
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    Post Cases Effect Carrier Data Results on S21 #GalaxyS21CaseGate

    I did a speed test yesterday with no case, and just now with my new Otterbox defender. Yesterday I got 147 and 4.71 on 5G and 122 and 5.94 on wifi. Today I got 80.8 and 0.80 on LTE (which is odd, since the status bar said 5G while I was running the test) and 98.9 and 5.04 on wifi. If it wasn't...
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    Post S21 fingerprint sensor reliability

    I don't have any kind of screen on my S21 and so far (only had it a couple of days) the fingerprint sensor has been pretty reliable. I've even almost got to the point where I can wake up the phone by putting my finger in the right spot about 50% of them time (other times I need to tap the screen...
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    Thread Why does only system file chooser work?

    Setting up my new S21, I needed to tell keepass where I stashed the encrypted info I copied to the phone. It wants me to pick a file either using the system file chooser (which has an interface designed by a team of experts to make sure you can't find anything) or a 3rd party file chooser...
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    Thread How long to find all the protective plastic?

    I've had my new S21 for a few hours now, and I keep finding more and more strips of the protective plastic that needs to be peeled off :-). Does anyone make a special light which make this plastic fluoresce? Could be a great new product!
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    Thread Finger print reader stops working?

    Maybe my fingerprints change or something, but it seems like about once a year it gets harder and harder to unlock with a fingerprint till it eventually becomes impossible. Usually this seems to happen when the weather gets cold (or what passes for cold in South Florida). If I remove the...
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    Post AAUGH! I don't want to carry around a Samsung salesman in my pocket!

    I have disabled notifications, every time I do, a new app starts badgering me with samsung special offers. In fact I see the original "samsung members" app and right next to it the new "samsung members v1" app. No doubt the plan is to wait for everyone to kill notifications from v1, then push...