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Recent content by clintzo

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    Post Development [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][ALIOTH] Pixel Extended v2.7[18.05.2021]

    can anyone share a 10 min CPU throttle performance result please....
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    Post Question Not getting USB 3.1 transfer speed on the provided cable

    Are you sure you connected to the Laptop's USB 3 port?
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    Thread Question Does Redmi Note 10 Pro have 10bit display?

    In xiaomi's product page they have mentioned that redmi note 10 pro is capable of producing billions of colors, so does that mean it has a 10bit panel?
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    Post UNOFFICIAL TWRP 3.2.1-0 Recovery to Decrypted ZUI Oreo 3.5.xxx for ZUK Z2 Plus

    Can you please update the link, can't download the file with MEGA link, Here's my situation, I can't flash anything with TWRP cause it can't mount Data & internal storage, I can use OTG though, But, I can boot into my phone normally, IF I connect a charger while it's at White ZUK logo, but if...
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    BTW, are you getting failed to mount vendor error in TWRP?
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    Post [ASK] cant record video (audio device occupied)

    Sorry for the late reply, yes you can flash it
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    Try clearing dalvik/ART and Cache using TWRP, Also, clear game cache in settings. ---------- Post added at 06:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:15 AM ---------- I'm having the same issue, i flashed this deodexed zui 4 again, thinking it might be something to do with files in...
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    Does VPN work? I was having VPN problems on ZUI 3.7, it used to hang whenever I changed VPN, does this ROM have that problem?
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    Post [ASK] cant record video (audio device occupied)

    I Had The Same Problem... https://forum.xda-developers.com/lenovo-zuk-z2/how-to/zui-oreo-firmwarebaseband-twrp-flashable-t3776254 just flash the zip from the above thread using TWRP, and you can record video. I hope you are in baseband 1.6 the above link gives you the zip file for baseband...
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    I've flashed this ROM (deodexed 3.5.337) everything is working fine except I can't record video on any of the camera apps, please help It says please check if the audio device is occupied Cinema-fv 5 says audio/video configuration is not supported on the current camera