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    Post [GUIDE][ZS620KL][Update 29.08.2019] 5Z How to unlock root up/downgrade and unbrick

    Is there any method available for relock bootloader? Or at least, hide rooted screen which shows while phone restarting?
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    Post [ZS620KL][WW] FOTA update links (new update 25 March 2021)

    Check out this link for small size update, from 107.36 to.107.46
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    Thread Does anyone know what's difference between ZS620KL and ZS621KL?

    I see many posts and roms about ZS620KL here and on Internet. But I have ZS621KL. Does anyone know what's difference between ZS620KL and ZS621KL? Just curious.
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    Post [ZS620KL][WW] FOTA update links (new update 25 March 2021)

    Once XDA daredevil is always daredevil I took this RISK by manually flashing LEAKED official PIE WW FOTA on my UNLOCKED phone. Perfectly flashed and everything is working fine. Phew!!! Great new PIE features and improved UI. Many many many thanks to mickey36736 Now more Indians can flash...
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    Post WiFi strength, range, and throughput

    I also confirm same. WiFi singal is not only weaker but weakest. AZF5Z India version.
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    Post GPU Turbo updates starts rolling out in Europe

    Please be polite with other members. Reply in clear words if you have right answer or just ignoring it best practice on XDA . And yes, being polite on XDA is rule.
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    Post [PUREXPERIA] PX Z3 v4.8.5 by CMahendra for MMX-A117 [Beauty+Power+Battery][11-Mar]

    Unfortunately dev-host betrayed us developers and revoked download access for commercial gains. I am not sure as I may not have all files now on my old system. I will search and surely upload them elsewhere if I get the required files. Please be patient. Thanks a lot.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r26]Pixel-Experience[OP2][STABLE]

    Yes, such bugs are a possible....but... till date no twrp I tested, had any such basic bugs because they will not publish if this primary feature is not working properly.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r26]Pixel-Experience[OP2][STABLE]

    You exactly got my point this time. HDDs can hold data even after full formatting due to magnetic media which can be exploited with some military level recovery tools. But as mobiles have electronic memory modules, they cannot hold magnetic data once deleted and in single wipe everything is...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r26]Pixel-Experience[OP2][STABLE]

    Have been into rom developement since many many years and can say that wiping once and wiping several times is same. Its just a partition, what twrp wipes and it cleans everything in single shot. Never had any wiping issues in single wipe in past on many phones, while flashing around thousand...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0]LineageOS-15.1[OP2][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL]

    +1 , Thanks for your reply. Will sure try asap :)
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    Post [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS [2018.11.23]

    I second that. I am on official LOS Nightlies 15th December 2017 build. Installed after gap of few months. Now network is also strong and battery backup is superb. Now waiting for LOS 15.x :D
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0]LineageOS-15.1[OP2][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL]

    thanks . I think by BB you mean blue bolt but I found its xda thread with only nougat version. Can you please route me to exact link of BB for OOS 3.6.1 (marshmallow) version? Thanks in advance PS: Or anyone else post the link?
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    Post Android N with VoLTE ?

    Guys, dont lose hope. Devs on XDA and other people around the world are constantly working on OP2, so nothing is impossible. Think positive and Good Luck :)
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    Post [XPERIA Z2] PureXperia Z2 4.3.5 for A117 [Beauty+Power+Battery] [3-Sep]

    You are welcome :) please press thanks button