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Recent content by cnlson

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    Post Native blue light filter on T590?

    it is there but it is not implemented like my note 9 with a dusk to dawn timer it is only manual. I am going with twilight for the moment. hopefully it will get added in pie in a couple of months
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    Thread Did Samsung just make my tablet unrecoverable from theft?

    So I noticed the new guest mode icon on my lockscreen so I loaded up the guest and found a few strange things. 1) cerberus will not locate, alarm, ect when the device is in guest mode UNLESS it is installed as a system app. so unless you are rooted in lollipop you can't install it as a system...
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    Post How to use other lock types with foxfi still

    you are a genius! Note 4 on KK
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    Post [Q] VERIZON RETAIL USERS ONLY - Extended Batteries Question

    Sent from my SM-N910V using XDA Free mobile app Here you go, both the stock and extended, no different in that app, however, you can see the graphs it works correctly.
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    Post [Q] VERIZON RETAIL USERS ONLY - Extended Batteries Question

    I have the anker 6400 MAH. I posted a review here http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/accessories/review-anker-6400-mah-extended-battery-t3093619 you can see the battery both charge and discharge with the correct percentage drop, because it is not a tri-cell it is just a larger battery. as...
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    Post [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    one other thing, i did notice that the battery states it is compatible with Verizon, AT&T, and T-MO not sure why sprint is not listed but in case you have a sprint phone, i'd check with Anker before buying just in case.
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    Post [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    I haven't seen any batteries with higher capacity that fit the stock cover.
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    Post [Q] How did your case perform when you dropped your phone?

    Spigen Tough armor, fallen off my lap getting out of the car several times, a couple off my desk and no damage that i can find on the phone or the case.
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    Post [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    So next I put it to normal use. As I mentioned in OP the case is slippery so I had it sitting on my desk while working rather than in my pocket. It got around 3+ hours a day of use and ended up with 7:15 of screen on time, 20 hrs of wifi and 34 of 4G. The graph shows a break, at that point I...
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    Post [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    So in checking the battery is around 1.8 oz more and it does make the phone bigger. When I got it, there was around 56% battery so I immediately threw it on the quick charger and in an hour it was full. I put on the battery drain around 730PM and around 1:43 it was depleted, put it back on the...
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    Thread [Review] Anker 6400 MAH extended battery

    I love my Note 4 and the battery life is way better on the stock battery than plenty of other phones but there are times I need to run longer between charges and so I picked up an Anker 6400 MAH extended battery currently $26.99 through their power user program. I had the Anker 7200 MAH with my...
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    Post Note 4 Anker battery

    email [email protected] I had that set and had a problem with one of the batteries and they sent a replacement in 4 days from my email seems comparable, I don't use the stock battery that much since I can quick charge or swap for a full charged (using the external charger included with the 2...
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    Post Anker 7200 MAH Pix and Battery life test in progress.

    Depending on how good you are with the dremel, sure. Not just 200mah 12 month more warranty too. Sent from my SM-N910V using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post Anker 7200 MAH Pix and Battery life test in progress.

    I do! It required a bunch of dremel and craft knife work, basically the rail that the "back cover insert for the smaller batteries" uses to stay in has to be ground out because it's too tight for the 200 mah larger battery. However, it is a better case than the one included by anker one thusly...