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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][RMX1921] Bliss ROM [Q]

    Waiting for your Android 11 Bliss build bro.. make it happen ASAP :)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][RMX1921] Bliss ROM [Q]

    Hello @just_a.y.a.n, Bliss ROM Android 11 sources are up!! is there any chance of XT Bliss A11 build coming up soon by you? Thanks
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][RMX1921] Bliss ROM [Q]

    By far one the best and stable rom for XT with loads of customization options!! Keep up the good work dev..
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    Post Havoc-OS-3.4[10]-[Official]

    Wow!! RUI based Havoc - Gonna be butter smooth.. Kudos to dev! Is fod customization available?
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    Post [ROM][10] PixysOS-OFFICIAL-RMX1921

    Thanks for the build but I don't see Pixys OS - RMX1921 build in the official sourceforge database! Update here:
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] RevengeOS 3.2-Q For Realme XT[RMX1921]

    Agreed! Now we need to step up to next level that is stability and improvements + updates! (y)
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    Post Havoc-OS-3.4[10]-[Official]

    WOW! Havoc Official is up!! Thanks a ton dev.
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    Post Is it Upgrading or Downgrading?

    If you want 120Hz display + 4500mAh battery + Camera and some new features upgrade then Poco X2 is the way to go but if performance is your only priority then stick to the King Poco F1
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    Post [ROM][10.0][BERYLLIUM][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [AOSP]

    Is there gonna be OTA support anywhere soon? Can't update the phone every week for a new cool feature :D
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    Post Developers....make me a Developer! :D

    I was also thinking the same thing from past 4 years.. but recently i found one search engine named Google where they are showing custom rom making guide-pages, tutorials and teaching some basic programming knowledge which are required to make one! :)
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    Post Development potential oft redmi note 8 / redmi note 8 pro

    I would suggest you to wait for the Global launch because Xiaomi might launch RN8Pro with Snapdragon soc..
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    Post [ROM][CAF] RevengeOS 2.4 | X00T [OFFICIAL]

    Best CAF ROM for X00TD! it just need more fast charging speed..
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL][X00T/X00TD] Pixel Experience [CAF]

    Are you the new maintainer for Pixel EX CAF or Duplicate thread?
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    Thread Any hope for Custom ROM Development for M30 with Exynos 7904?

    I'm looking to buy this Galaxy M30 over Redmi Note 7 Pro for it's overall amazing specs! :cowboy: But in future is it possible to install any Custom ROM on this device by any chance? or this equations are true? :confused: "Exynos = closed source closed source = no developer interest S6 =...
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    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[21.05.20]-Havoc-OS-[10.0.0]

    Thanks man, I will try it for sure! :good: and what is the difference between TWRP Backup/Restore and in Migrate app Backup/Restore?