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  1. cobramax

    Post [ROM][10.0][S9/S9+][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [24/09/2020]

    S9 + android 10 exynos. i did all wipe but it gives an error error 7 . Why ? Edit: problem solved. First I installed vendor.img than evolution x. unbelievable super fast stable rom :D
  2. cobramax

    Post [ROM][S9/S9+]Resurrection Remix 8.6.5 [OFFICIAL/WEEKLIES][12-12-20]

    Problem solved. i installed another launcher. Garett you are not helping at all.I congratulate you
  3. cobramax

    Post [ROM][S9/S9+]Resurrection Remix 8.6.5 [OFFICIAL/WEEKLIES][12-12-20]

    This key does not work. background applications remain open.
  4. cobramax

    Thread Stock recovery s8

    Stock recovery
  5. cobramax

    Post [IME/EXO][GUIDES/COLLECTION] HTC U12+/Exodus 1 – Factory Image/Firmware/Boot/OTA

    Hello, i need Android 8.0 TWRP_Backup_Untouched_System_Image_Boot for single sim.
  6. cobramax

    Post [ROM][Pie][UNOFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [ocn][11Aug]

    Thanks man! Nice rom :D this rom is ultra stable !
  7. cobramax

    Post S-OFF is out now, a word about it

    denedim oldu 7.1.1 e sorunsuz bir şekilde Geri dönüş yaptım. ? teşekkürler sen haklıydın. thanks mate. I tried. you were right.
  8. cobramax

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][ocn] LineageOS 15.1 [8.1][08 OCT]

    My cid 0__60 mid pzc3000 android version 2.42.400.3 i m using maximushd 3.3.0. First I did full wipe Then I installed lineageos and gapps. Can not switch to google account. Can not switch menu.restarting rebooot it over and over again. It is a very nice custom cm rom but there are many mistakes.
  9. cobramax

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]ResurrectionRemix v6.2.1 [8.1] [25Oct]

    I installed stock rom then install resurrection remix but nothing changed. same issues again
  10. cobramax

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]ResurrectionRemix v6.2.1 [8.1] [25Oct]

    this time i will try on stock at the android 8.0 oreo ?
  11. cobramax

    Post [ROM]Stock Nougat Deodexed Roms WWE 1.27.401.12, Dev 1.28.617.30, Asia TW 1.28.709.33

    Hey man how can i get back nougat ? My cid 0__60 mid pzc3000. Android version 2.42.400.3. I am waiting for 2 months for sunsine. but does not support sunshine 2.42.400.3 ? is there no other way for Flash nougat ?