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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge app to re-map power button to volume up or volume down?

    Hello, I have a small problem. My phone power button is damaged therfore pressing it is hard (works but poorly). I need now to re-mail the power button so i can turn off screen when i need. Can you recommend app that can do that. I did get app named as volume powr but it seems buggy and app...
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    Thread How to unlock Samsung S7 Edge

    Hello, I have my new phone. But it is locked now. I can find phone via google android device manager But that one cant open the screen lock. (Note: i do not have global phone lock on). It the password that phone asks when you do not have finger print set, (Not the sim password). How this...
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    Thread Samsung Note 4 Screen scroll capture for app-s?

    Hello Do any of u know good app that allows to take screen-scroll capture from another app? I got installed one gym app and i have excersizes there listed and want to take screen capture while scrolling down. As it has many excersizes listteed so have to scroll down a bit. Is there app that...
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    Thread Questions regarding Samsung Note 4 wake up alarm using s voice.

    Hello I have few questions: I am using s voice to set alarms. How to change default alarm sound as I don't like default alarm that I have currently. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    Post [NOOB FRIENDLY] Ask the question!

    Hello, I got today my brand new Samsung Note 4 andf i was wondering is it possible to change font style to this style? link to font: http://www.dafont.com/billy-argel-font.font I dont know how does it look on the samsung note 4 but i do like font style here is sample video i made via adobe...
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    Thread How to check is the Note genuine (authentic)? with serial number?

    Hello, I am planing to buy Samsung Note 4 via E-bay. One reason is that proces are cheaper then shops here. As shops here are adding nearly 200 euros extra to phones. Depends deal i can find on e-bay. All deals there phones have Product Identifiers section on advertisment. Model and MPN...
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    I need something that will get kitkat 4.4 or newer as i also have a Samsung Gear S and i use it for example when i go to gym or to party (alcohol involved) so i wont forget my precious phone anymore to pub to club toilet or something. As i use alot of GPS with my phone for me it is important to...
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Hello, Can you please recomend for me a smart phone. I had before Samsung Note 3 For me it is important to have phone that has big screen (same size or bigger then note 3) Has to be android as i am gona use with that phone samsung gear s Device should be faast (especialy when opening apps...
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    Thread Will the SM-N910C version of note 4 work in EU?

    Will the SM-N910C version of note 4 work in EU? I am located in Estonia and one person is selling here Samsung Note 4version SM-N910C
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Note 4 Edge same curved function as S6 edge?

    Anyone has any info on this? As i did notice s6 edge has this missed call function on that curved glass part. Aslo shortcut to favorite contacts. Is it possible to get same function to Note 4 edge?
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    Thread Samsung Note 4 blocking a number calling me specific time

    Hello, I have a question. I want to block one person calling me specific time is this possible with android note 4? I do not want to bloack him i yust want to block him from calling me x time frame but same time i want that others can reach me. So airplane mode does not work. Is this possible...
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    Post [Q] Manage text templates in Gear Manager bug? How to fix?

    Hi, This also di not help. I did also remove and install gear manager again tho same issue. I did reset to my gear wach this also did not help. All messages that i add remove or edit in gear manager under notifications will not be available in my galaxy gear What to do or how to proceed to fix...
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    Post [Q] Manage text templates in Gear Manager bug? How to fix?

    How do you clear cache. In phone or in gear?