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    Post [TOOLKIT] SKIPSOFT ANDROID TOOLKIT - NEXUS 4 - Drivers, Root, Recovery + MORE

    How to Uninstall the Toolkit from my laptop? thanks
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    Post [c-rom] [ddlf2] [POLJ1] [DDMF1]

    Hey Ronn, why not put Holo Launcher? It's a great launcher
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    Post [KERNEL & CF-root][GB][LE4/Universal] Bam Custom Kernel: BCK beta 15 [07.02.13]

    does the v14 fix universal support the v6 superhcarger?
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    Post [UPDATE]Value pack For india DDLF2 (best firmware till today)

    no need to root for me. very smooth. change launcher though to Holo Launcher
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    Post [ROM]CleanValuePack[2.3.6][XXLE4][v3.1][14-06-2012]

    I know how to install the script sir but wouldn't it be nice if it was included in the rom? (just like poseidon):D
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    Post [ROM]CleanValuePack[2.3.6][XXLE4][v3.1][14-06-2012]

    @LUISETEYO can you add the V6 Supercharger Script? thanks
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    Post Leather pouch case for i9003

    ebay dude, bought my original leather pouch before. don't know if they still have stocks though
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    Post [APP]Easy Battery Saver

    here's mine:D
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    Post [ALPHA][ROM][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 14

    Currently im on vurrut. You can also play videos on youtube app. Flashed Vurrut's kernel because of Lionheart 300/1100
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    Post [ALPHA][ROM][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 14

    Except for Usb mass storage(I use wifi eplorer pro) and video recording/playback(i use mx video player) I've never had the problems regarding backlight and the "hissing" microphone sound.. I also tried MIUI v4 weeks back and never had those issues.. Why is that??
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    Post GT-I9003 Battery Life

    LOL.. i do not own a galaxy y. if i owned one, it wouldn't last a day or two..or, you could see me posting in the galaxy y forums :rolleyes: ok, on cm9/miui my max is 4 days. on stock, that would be 8-9 days with minmimal-normal usage.. charging the phone would take 4-5 hours. That's because I...
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    Post [ALPHA][ROM][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 14

    Instead of using usb cord in transferring files, just use wifi file transfer pro
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    Post CF-Root for most I9003 firmwares (updated 28/06/2013)

    LOL!!! that's not a bootloop! the samsung logo is normal
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    Post [ROM][GB]MIUI, v11(2.4.20)[25.04.12]

    We have the same phone but have different battery. Ok for those complaining and whining of battery drain in any custom rom or stock buy A Mugen Power Battery 3200mAh.