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    Post [ROM][OREO][NEXUS 6P] crDroid Android 4.7.2 [FINAL][21 DEC]

    Thanks dev! I really like the amoled black system theme in the newest build - it almost rids me entirely of the need to use Substratum.
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    Thread Worth the upgrade?

    Would you guys say this phone is a good upgrade from the Nexus 6P?
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    Post [GUIDE] how to bring back to life dead nexus 6p , hard brick.

    Thank you so much! I messed up my 6P when I tried to flash a bootloader image via Flashfire. I hadn't been in a brick this bas since the good old days of Gingerbread and ROM Manager! For anyone else having similar issues, I got my dead 6P to be recognized as QHSUSB_bulk eventually in Windows 7...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to port Bluez to Kitkat, Lollipop & Marshmallow

    CM uses BlueZ 4 in the Android versions prior to 4.2.2, just like AOSP used to. They didn't bother updating it from BlueZ 4 to BlueZ 5 because those prior versions of Android are deprecated and no longer worked on.
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    Post [FAQ - All You Need] GT-S7560M Galaxy Ace II x / Ace2x

    I'm pretty sure I have that "cl->AppendSwitch(cc::switches::kEnableMapImage);" line commented out with a "//" in my build tree, so I believe it should be present in that build. Try changing the value of "persist.webview.provider" from "classic" to "chromium" (or comment out/remove that line...
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    Post [Q] Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx GT-S7560m

    An official farewell and a last build of OmniROM 4.4.4.
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    Post [FAQ - All You Need] GT-S7560M Galaxy Ace II x / Ace2x

    Final Build of Omni 4.4.4 Hi everyone, I'm back today just to give you guys that final build of OmniROM 4.4.4 that I promised. You can download it here. As far as I know, I'm pretty sure that the only differences between this build and the previous build (which coincidentally was posted...
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    Post [FAQ - All You Need] GT-S7560M Galaxy Ace II x / Ace2x

    Hi, Codename13 here. Sorry I've been away from XDA for a long time. I've had a 6P for a month now, and I don't think I'll come back to developing for the Ace II X. I do, however, have a build of Omni 4.4.4, on my old Ace II X, that has bluetooth working. It'll also require a slightly modified...
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    Post Call quality is a bit disappointing

    IIRC, this is a common issue with some Nexus devices. I saw somewhere that a 6P owner fixed the issue on their device by changing a line in the build.prop, as done here on the Nexus 5. Apparently you have to change the value of "persist.audio.influence.voicecall" from "true" to "false". Of...
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    Post Rattling Speakers!

    akarol, what's the manufacturing date of your 6P? To see your manufacturing date, boot into the bootloader and select "Barcode". One of the barcodes should have a date, mine was October 31st. I'm curious to see if the speaker rattle issue is particular to some 6Ps manufactured on certain dates...
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    Post M for crespo (all works, sources, etc)

    Nice! What did you do with Chromium webview? Did you keep it in the build or did you remove it/replace it with prebuilt/replace it with Classic Webview?
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    Post [ROM/WIP] [5.0.2] [May-31] [UNOFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 5.0 Alpha 2 | Kernel 3.0.101

    Wait, why would the ROM bootloop if SELinux is disabled? I thought it only bootloops if it's set as enforcing? So I'll use the CyanogenMod sepolicies. Great thank you! I was attempting to build OmniROM up until a few days ago and comparing it to CyanogenMod code, I saw that OmniROM's code looks...
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    Post [ROM/WIP] [5.0.2] [May-31] [UNOFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 5.0 Alpha 2 | Kernel 3.0.101

    Hi spezi77, I have a few questions about your work. Do you use PMEM or ION or a hybrid in the kernel for this ROM? Which Adreno libraries/drivers do you use? Is SELinux set as enforcing, permissive, or disabled in this ROM (and do you have SELinux policies written for your device)? I'm asking...
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    Post How to shut down permantly one core on Android phone programatically

    What's the ADB command to do that? There should be a way to integrate some shell commands into java code.
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    Post [Q] Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx GT-S7560m

    s7560m That's great news! We don't actually need a 3.4 kernel for Lollipop. Heck, we could manage with our existing kernel and PMEM but it would require a lot of compatibility hacks and fixes. There are a few Adreno 2xx devices with ION and a 3.0.x kernel using Adreno drivers from 4.3/4.4, so we...