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  • Well I'm just hoping that phoenix gets 4G soon, since I won't be able to take advantage of the 4G in that phone :( but I think that the features of it far make up for everything else. I was looking at the specs on it and it's an amazing phone, I agree that it will be around for awhile. I'm just hoping that they are able to root it quickly and get a regular android on it, not the senseUI, I really don't like the senseUI
    I'm switching to the EVO when it comes out, I am so excited, but at the same time i'm nervous because what if it turns out to be really bad, also that once i get it a new phone is going to come out soon after and then i'm stuck >.<
    Hey codybear, saw your post on one of the threads about Pandora working for WM6.5 roms now... I updated my xv6700 to a WM6.5 rom over a month ago and pandora just will NOT work, can't find any updates etc... and I'm LOSING my mind trying to find some solution!? Any help you can provide would be BEYOND appreciated, I think my brain is going to melt after all the searching over the last month or so. Thanks :)
    would you happen to have any insight as to wether or not NFSFAN is/going to work on a Touch Pro 2 version? thank you
    hey man, yea, still using my vogue, latest NFS ROM and all LOL
    Still on the thread but not supporting much, just reading the sh1t go down all the time
    hey man I got the xv6900 and the newest 6.5 from nfs but I can't seem to setup a picture message no option or anything just text or I can email it any idea what's wrong is this normal? I feel like with verizon original rom I sent all the time it'd ask if picture or text when id select new message

    any help is appreciated
    Hey, Have you ever heard of a vogue power button not working after an unlock. I unlocked my wife's phone and can flash any rom and the phone will not come out of sleep mode, either with the power button or when a call comes in. Any ideas?

    How To Unlock Your Phone
    And Flash A Custom Rom
    And Relock Your Vogue
    Ok I read it over and over but i feel realy dumb becouse i cant get it i tried and tried I have been up all nite trying to get it So please help me codybear i really dont know what iam doing wrong, I work for Alltel and this dude told me about it so i checked it out now iam stuck trying to do this because the phone is not working right, i downloaded the unlocker and went throw that now iam just confused if you can E-mail me i really be happy, Thanks
    I loaded NFSfan V12 and everything is working great.
    I have one question, how do I get color icons for this ROM.
    I can't seem to get any to work.
    No going to make one....
    Decided against it.
    I don't have the time or that level of knowledge that Nfsfan has.
    So it'd be pointless.
    Maybe someday, but not anytime soon,
    Especially since I'm giving my vogue to someone who needs a phone more than me, and her last one just died on her.
    Someday possibly...
    If we ever get the opengl going on it,
    then I might buy another vogue, but till then,
    it's not going to happen...
    Cody whats good homie? Gotta question if i must, when are you coming out with your own rom?

    Great job on all your hard work.
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