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    Post [GUIDE] All about unlocking bootloader, TWRP and rooting Redmi Note 8/8T

    What is the error? Can you send a screenshot?
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    Post [GUIDE] All about unlocking bootloader, TWRP and rooting Redmi Note 8/8T if the phone can not detected by your PC in fastboot mode try disable the win10 'driver signature enforcement' go to fastboot mode, check Device manager then install the driver
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    Post [MSM Xtended] [XR Release v3.0] [Android 11] [20/12/2020] [Official] [EOL]

    How to turn off the Lockscreen ? I can't find the setting in X-Tensions Menu. I prefer the display goes off completely after I press power button
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    Thread [QUESTION] Sound fix for low/unstable sound Android 10 Custom ROMs (on headset only)

    English is not my primary language but I hope you will get the message. Any custom ROMs I tried have this issue on Call of Duty Mobile and PUBGM game. The sound is great for listening music on Youtube, but for these games the sound is very low and unstable (sometimes disappeared). I can fix this...
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    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[21.05.20]-Havoc-OS-[10.0.0]

    Is it okay if I delete all files in 'vendor/etc/acdbdata/QRD' folder? These files are just for sound modification purpose right?
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    Post [ROM][X00TD][9.0.0][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0

    Hello, sorry for out of topic question. Is there way to download the Lineage 15.1 Oreo final release since its no more available on official site. Maybe someone has the backup I will gladly appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][X00TD][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 [21/03/2020]

    No access internet on hotspot tethering. I even tried to set tether_dub_required to 0 like other forum says but no effect. Any tips?
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    Post [ROM] [ion-OS] [2.9.A] [10] [Official]

    Hi pranavkpr, thanks for the hardworks. The problem still exists, Stock ROM and PixysOS don't have this problem. The volume is just unstable on headphone, it sounds like you hear someone talking on phone with bad signal. I did flash FW 061 too. I wonder why :( edit: for preference, here are...
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    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[21.05.20]-Havoc-OS-[10.0.0]

    Hi, i am using the latest version, this is my first havoc rom. Did you make any sound modification in this ROM? cuz i have the same problem when using ionOS. The sound volume is unstable when i'm playing game (CODM), stock ROM and PixysOS don't have this issue. this happens on headphone only...
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    Post [ROM] [ion-OS] [2.9.A] [10] [Official]

    The headphone audio output is great for listening music on youtube, but when I play a game (call of duty), it sounds so bad, especially on low volume, the problem slightly gone if i turn it up. Idk what is headphone gain setting for so i tried to adjust that from -40>default>20 but the issue is...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0.0] LineageOS 16.0 [santoni]

    I just did fresh install this ROM. What I like from this ROM are my 3G/LTE signal is stronger than before, about 50-70% improvement, and I have no heat issue anymore. But i experienced the lag when playing game Ragnarok Mobile. The game ran smoothly on Oreo Resurrection Remix Luis build.
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    sünbáló where did you get that v6.1.0? :confused:
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    Post [ROM] [MIUI 10] MIUI10-8.7.2 Beta for REDMI 4/4X Satoni

    I afraid they will put more ads on MIUI 10. The only reason I switched to custom ROM