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    Post Amazfit X

    I use the first one in "Online Ziffernblätter" (yellow on black) and have 39% battery left after 4 days of use. With the factory installed watchface, my battery died in 3 days.
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    Post Amazfit X

    Hi guys, I changed my default watchface a few weeks ago to the 'golden' one via Zepp. Now my battery lasts 6 to 7 days instead of the 3 days with the default watchface. I did not use GPS during this observation. The reverse action, which you can easily do by longpress on the display, brings...
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    Post [DEV] [Build 2013-03-31]CyanMobile eXperience 2.3.8 [MAGLDR]

    Hi, just want to give some feedback about my new favorite HD2-Rom. My config: [Build 2012-02-22], EU-HD2, App2SD on ext4-Partition, 170MB Systempartition NAND, gapps flashed, still 18 MB free in System Rom. (Couldnt figure out why 220MB recommanded) The best things are: WiFi on, GPS on...
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    Post [15-09-2012][ROM][GB][2.3.8] CyanMobileX Leo v1.0 [NativeSD][A2SD][WIP][tytung_r14]

    I can confirm this. It includes also ZMooth stop working except home function. This appears also on a clean install without any additional apps. I tried both: NAND and SD. I use MAGLDR with RMNET
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    Post [MAR0812] AmeriCanAndroid AOSP HD2 GB2.3.7 CM7.2 | bk2sdext [KERNEL:ACA823]

    I have exact the same behavior if I let my HD2 connected to the PC during boot. Unplugging from USB before turning on the device solved this for me.