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  • hi corepda can u please help me in finding a less modified or not modified WM6.5 rom for my diamond gsm ..plz am a newbie here cant find in the forum ....
    thank you
    hope u will help..
    i have flashed my imat jama to wm6.5 and it has this erroe :
    check package, package installed , update bootepic:create file failed.filename:storage card\bootpic_p30.pic.
    please help i cant install any other flash.bin .
    Sorry to tell you man, the original lcd is made in china. So it doesn't matter. I'll let you know when I'm in india, or when I get back. Cheers.
    Helllo, Walaikum Salam,
    Actually the tracking site of USPS showed only three stages.

    1. It was received by USPS in the city from which the sender is sending.
    2. It left for international destination from xyz state of US.
    3. It cleared foreign customs in Pakistan.

    i received the device 5 days after it cleared Customs in Paksitan. It took a total of 15 days to reach from US to Pakistan. So be patient and hopefully ur device will be received within the next few days :)
    thanks for the prompt reply... through an application i can change the fonts to mangal (hindi) and see some of the websites, but then am not able to see english fonts...
    hi this is gopal. i am a kaiser user... i found you here... i want to know what i can do with my kaiser... i want to upgrade my Kaiser but i am a newbie... please give me some suggestions and idea... Please
    In regard to the maps for cities in India, what software can they used with?
    And, how do I get those?
    Hello sakshamkatyal,

    Was wondering what cities you have of India, and will they work with Co pilot live software, HTC TYTN II

    sorry, I had 18 new notifications, I didnt read all. the package is sent, I just cant find the note with the number.
    Hi,sakshamkatyal,are the members of this forum from all the world?I am from chinese.few us talk about xda,so I'm very happy to find this forum.I see all of you are very worm-heart.I love this place.(My english is poor,I think I may improve it in this forum.Does I made programme mistake?^_^)
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