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  • Hey, Cornelha, I'm reading your post of WizFlo 2D 20931 [SP1 Hotfix]
    Actually I'm a HTC Universal user, not familiar with Wizard upgrade, especially about G3/G4 difference. Now I'm trying to help a friend to upgrade his Orange SPV M3000 (G4) from WM5 to WM6.1. I believe your ROM is the best choice. Just I'm not sure if it is available for the G4 device.
    Could you please give me an idea?

    Thanks! Have a good day!
    hi has development moved or stopped for the facebook application? i hope not because it was looking amazing.
    yeah i had the same/similar prob, i basically couldnt change my ring it would always revert back to the default and then wouldnt let me close that window.

    i have new probs however, i flashed the WizFlo Home and now i do not have a home screen... was that supposed to happen?
    Thanks man,
    Question: This maybe a dumb question but have you or anyone had problems with the ringer? I put my phone on vibrate for a meeting. After the meeting I changed it back to ring and everything looked fine until I got a call. Phone still vibrating with the speaker icon on and not vibrate icon. Cant change it back to ring. Soft reset... did not work.
    Any thoughts?
    htcclay, I happily overclock to about 260mhz and battery drain is not much of an issue for me. To be safe install the 240 cab, you can up it a little later if you feel you need it
    What's up man...
    Just wanted to say first, thanks for all the hard work!!!
    I have had a HTC S620(Dash) for long time and just got a wiz g3.
    I know in my dash I can overclock to 228-240 range safely but battery drain is crazy bad.
    Question: I saw the overclock cab and remove cab. Do you recommend overclocking? If so how high?
    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    i also recognized that my volume key does not work (wizard) is there a fix for this or should i google it?
    hi, i just have a small idea for the new update, to make the home screen look a little better, could the menu/start bar be a nice shiny blue like the taskbar? and i really liked the white battery indicator from the previous version as opposed to the green->red one
    cornelha.....In old version have slide to answer and slide to end call ... but in new version is not...can u give me it? thanks !!!!!
    ı am not spaek english soryy ı am eng. speak very little
    ı am HTC Wizard ( k jam ) Rom edit
    Photo something description or Video description pls
    you were looking for the kitchen files, i have a complete dump of the 19588 rom from 02/june if that would be of any assistance, i'm still learning how the cooking/kitchen thing goes so i wouldn't know exacly what to send you. I can send it up to mediafire if you would like. let me know.
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