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  • Hi Cotulla,

    I'm really glad that everything is all right with you.
    I would only like to ask you if it is possible for you to release HTC HD2 USBH drivers - at least beta version now.
    USBH drivers would be OK for me even if I had to do a soft-reset after every use of them.

    The possibility of reading pendrives is very important for me (and many of us).
    I think I can stand all beta drivers' inconveniences before the final version will be ready.

    Best Regards,

    Thanks God, Thank you cotulla ... finally you give hope back to us. We'll be waiting patiently ... :D
    Hi Cotulla! I have a game thats for only wvga and touch diamond is only VGA.
    Does your wvga fix allow wvga games to resize to vga resoulutions?
    This wvga game im trying to play extends quite a bit beyond my vga screen and therefore i cant see all its controls and part of the game i cant see.
    So can wvga fix cause wvga games to fit properly into vga screens?
    Dear Cotulla,

    do you still develop a ROM for apine... ?
    because many people expect good news from you including me..
    if you could give us some information about how far the results have you achieved. so that we can still keep expecting it.
    And we all really appreciate all your efforts it. Thank you very much
    Dear Cotulla i have a compaq ipaq 3900 and i want to install a win 5.0 or 6.1 on it and i hope that you can help me
    best regards
    Essam Safeah

    h r u, Sir plz help me out

    i m using Jam with 128 mb i m updating rom unfortunately breakdown of light so my pc is off and jam too now jam is only showing usb in top and in bottom v1.02 plz help me how to install rom and plz plz share the link of factory rom of jam thx

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    HI Cotulla how are you........I think you will be fine and doing your work..... Sir I want you to help me by making a rom of win 6 or win 5 for my Xda 2i Alphine....This will help all of us using Alphine. Hope that you will give some attention towards my post....Plz help me out Waiting for your reply.......thanks
    Hello Sir
    I know that you are busy but maybe you can point me in the right direction. My device will not HSPL the current information on my HD2 is
    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.08.000 8G XE
    And I canot get HSPL2 or HSPL to work at all can you help me please.
    I am using TMOUS HD2
    excuse but i look everywhere, i have a t9193 telstra australian version with spl 1.72version letmekhonw please how can i downgrade to instal the hspl2 or if you have other hspl can i install i really wan to install a custom rom. i really apreciate your help excuse my english im from puerto rico thanks. as you wan [email protected]
    cotulla do you have link for wm2003 factory ROM download for qtek s100??? please help me i need it

    I don't know use the forum but i know read private massages on forum or send me email:

    [email protected]

    please replay me...

    sorry my english is bad i am from serbia.
    hi cotulla. first of all, i really admire your work. you're one of the foundations of this site.
    i have tried one of the roms you created, HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_O4 for the magician. but after i installed it, the audio went out. i cannot hear any output from the speaker at all. do u have a fix for this? i already tested the hardware, seems ok. when i reassemble it its got audio output again. but after a while the sound goes out. do u have a fix for this? even after i reverted my magician to its original rom, the audio still doesn't work. hope u can help. thanks in advance.
    Hi Cotulla. I joined XDA - happy to donate to you via PayPal. You had a driver program - long time ago - that fixes Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N560 PDA's driver so that once installed you can run any sized SDHC card on your F-S Loox N560 PDA.
    Do you still have that download as I tried using the one on the forum but it does n't work?
    Thanks in advance.
    How about the development of the G10 rom,cotulla?
    Thanks for hard working on the G10 rom, and we all hope the G10 rom will be released soon !
    cotulla, i have a question.
    why my magician formated (hard reset) if i take the battery out?
    i use wm6.1 03.
    that's like a wm2003se.
    can you fix this problem?
    thanks and i'm waiting for your reply.

    if you can't reply my message at here, you can send the replies on my e-mail.
    [email protected]
    Hello Cotulla, first very thanks for great work in find the key for decrypting the T01A (TG01 japanese by DOCOMO), could i ask if this key will work with my X02T (TG01 japanese by SoftBank) too? And if this not work, pls could you find a key for X02T. Thanks very much!!!!!
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