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  • i would like to know how soon i can we download the 1024 t-mobile rom? or is it done if so i just need to know how i can get it .
    Please Cotulla as completely transparent bars today in WM 6.5
    da be adjusted?
    3.04 in WM 6.1 That today is wholly transparent
    Cotulla magician and then shut down and sometimes freeze
    Battery falls and fall within certain percentages depends how long is frozen
    Where can be problem?
    One is a 3.06 wm 6.5
    All you have to help the magician cut off automatically, then everything is fine and does not freeze
    just so you know about it and corrected in the next G10
    Thank :)
    3)look to HSPL thread - u will able to uninstall this new HSPL.
    2)don't know about generic bootloader... also remember linux maybe won't boot from it, because some stuffs related to WindowsCE. but maybe I will develop Android...
    1)not sure about BlueAngel... there unknown hardware for me...
    mrMr cotulla please help me i buy a hd2 east europe it,s a gift for married aniversary sorry my english, and yesterday make a hspl to prove a rom ruu tmobile and have a trouble with calls when a coming call i can ear nothing, i read a psot to retunr spl for error i have a mistake for error i use the ruu_signed of t_mobile not thr ruu of my phone know y try to restore o instala a rom signed and knnow y only see when start bootlouder rigth corner ruunbh middle of display spl 2.08.000 8g xe please help me i dont want my wife kell me how can restore to use the phone again i say send the phone for update how can repair this mistake all your help be full thanks
    Your WM6 Magician rom is excellent work :)
    I'm wondering if you have plans to make a generic bootloader that could load linux as well as wince?
    I've tried on my Qtek 2020i (French).
    I would REALLY enjoy putting WM6 on it, with full support.
    Do you have any idea on how to do it? I would pay for it!!!
    Note that (ohhhh) my radio hasn't the right version.
    Please let me now what to do, I'm very interested. THANKS
    HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_E1 (experimental)


    is it possible to have a copy. I don`t care if everythings work. I just need a working OS so i can instal GSP software on my garmin M5. This gadget is not a phone, just an old plain PDA

    best regards

    Jon E
    First of all thank you for the WVGAFIX4 (for WM6.5) just what I needed.
    I've tried this on my HTC HD2 and it doesnt seem to revert back to 800 after changing it to 640 and running TomTom V6. Everything appears to work, the HTC today screen works OK but if I try to use the phone it is still in 640 mode. Also if I try to access the Start menu for the programs it get some aspects of the screen messed up. The only fix I see so far is to reset.

    Have you seen any of these issues?

    A friend has tried it on a WM6.1 device and it does the same but he has also tried the WVGAFIX3 and it works OK.

    Any thoughts?

    Best regards
    Dear Mr.Cotulla
    I have tried to install your rom (HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_O1), which is the HT Magican the Qtek 2020 and appeared next to me on display ...
    by Cotulla
    64 RAM
    HW Hard reset!
    Bad radio.
    Is there any possibility to install your new ROM on Qtek 2020i cooking!
    Currently we do not recognize USB phone!
    Thank you!
    hi Cotulla i have a problem whid the touch screen, ive got the imate jam magician.
    the problem stands: when i press on the screen then affects on another part of the screen and not where i pressed, and when i allign screen then it affects to the same place where i press and sometimes it allignes screen and sometimes it doesnt:S
    i would really apressiate if you can help me thank you! i am a noob at this page and my english is not very good specially at technical termins
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