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  • hello mr. cotulla, what rom would you recommend me to flash on my magician? most stable?? thanks!!! you're a genius!!!
    Hi guys i'm mini o2 newbie from malaysia .
    can u teach me how to update my ROM n also windows ???
    Thanks alot ....
    this is my device information :
    ROM version : 1.11.00 wwe
    RAM : 64MB
    Spped : 416 MHz
    my Xda II mini using wm 6.5 (WWE_05),i can't using camera?do you have a fix?
    sorry if my english is bad
    batclear больше не требуется использовать... более того не рекомендуется.
    Подскажи пожалуйста я поставил на свой S100
    работает отлично!
    Но есть проблема с батарейкой, причем файла batclear.exe в папке Windows я ненашол чтобы сбросить батарею ((
    Hi Cotulla!
    i wonder if you could help me.
    i want to buy a pocketgear sd card for my magician. it's SDIO, so i don't know how to use it with wwe_05. Have you got any idea?
    thanks Reeedim
    Hi Cotulla!
    I installed HTCMAG_ROM_WWE_O1 for my o2 xda mini last 1 month ago.It is working fine compare to my previous OS wm2003se.I have problem in my system it getting automatic restart while pressing power button.plz help me to solve the issue.
    Thanking U,
    Jack ([email protected])
    hey cotulla i have rom wwe_5 on my 64 ram magican but rom have aproblem when doing any call the screen suspend so imust press power button to light it and there is no option for other keys to work instead of power button so to suspend i must press power button and to wake from the suspend imust press power button so it will damaged
    Hello Cotulla, I have O2 XDA Mini with your ROM 6.1 and theres a problem, suddenly it won't work, it shows No Radio, and I tried to upgrade again with same radio version, but same problem I've got. Can you help me, what I can do to fix it?
    Hello Cotulla. I am really very glad to have your roms. Really man you are working soming thing beyond all. My imate jam is runing your rom 6.5 Prof. Dear when i receive text massage, my jam gone stop working. and also its screen gone vanish. just black. why it is happening and also tell me do you have created any touchflo 3d roms for us. Bro you are No.1 in this. do reply me. i am asking you this question from very far. so requesting please.
    hi cotulla
    i have a O2 XDA II mini with wm2003 and wanted ur help to turn my ppc into a wm6.1..
    can u pls help im new to this..thanks
    hi cotulla
    i have tried your roms on my i-mate jam and i want to thank you for this great roms
    but i have some problems whit it
    in 1 and 2 i can not install this program (ArabizerSuite2B342) whish i need it so mush for my study
    in 3 i cant run active syns on my jam and when i plug-in the usb cable this messeage appears {cannot communicate with the pc because of the following remote networking error (error 608) }
    so please help me with this problems
    thank you again
    Dear Mr. Cotulla,

    I upgraded my O2 XDA II mini (From WM 2003 SE) to WM 6.1 using your ROM WWE 03 upgrade after installing radio 1.12. Everything works fine except for the external speaker. I even installed the Service Pack 1 from this link:

    Basically there is no sound from the phone for calls, media player and everything.

    Is there a fix for this or should I down grade back to the WM 2003 SE? If so, do you have the rom for that or where do I find it.

    You can also reply at [email protected] (actually this will be easier)
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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