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    Sorry I don't researched about modifying titanium, even didn't tried custom tabs for titanium. So have no idea. :|

    Best Regards
    Hey Hi YOu Remember Me...
    i wanted to know how to disable tab in tatanium.. and how to add new tabs in titanium bcoz they are made up with mort script so how to cook those tab plz help if you can come online gtalk my id is [email protected] Thanks...
    Please tell my firmware to collect HTC Wizard and ran into a problem:
    After flashing when you first boot pda (before calibration screen) screen lights up and the peak and Steamed seconds appears top bar and disappears and then offers to calibrate the screen.
    Why do a couple of seconds appears upper bar can somebody encountered this problem help.

    Yes Version RC5 Reloaded is the latest but final ROM.

    Best Regards
    hello Cracing,
    Is this Version RC5 Reloaded[ Build 21882] your latest on htc wizard? if not can you please give me the link. Best regards
    Hello CRACING please load kitchen HTC Wizard
    WinMo 6.1 Releases Version 3.0.X
    Stage III
    Can you please put [ CRBuilder™ 2 ] to some other server??
    In china is not working...

    hey brothet i like to share with u dome rom basic and lil advance..will u help me?
    coz i tried 100 times but not able to make rom of my own choice...

    ok go on. :)

    Will put up on release post afterwards.

    And thanks a lot...
    Best Regards

    Ok I will try my best. My net connection was off since 4 days and I was out of xda dev. Don't know whats new. I will update myself asap. :D


    I don't get you. :S
    how are you boss
    Can you think about release a rom with :
    -23528 build
    -2.1 and 2.5 ( 2 release ) :D
    -video dialer
    -and please make the folder in the start menu with icon like folder , it make the one confused and searching for the folders .

    I will sell my TP if you not release soon :D :D

    Impossible on india but can be on usa. Shipping international is always risky, You should think that the money you paid isn't yours or you should be ready to lose it. I had lost touch diamond when I brought from canada. The seller was very great since he refunded my money.

    BTW; FYI, if you ever make deals international, make sure you have purchased full insurance. When you receive the item safely, postal dep may charge 2000rs or more even though the item is ticked as GIFT. I have been about charged 2000rs for my FUZE when I brought from usa for 300$.

    Best Regards

    Nope, I haven't received such mail but thats very bad. :(

    Personal payments mean? via credit card.

    Cannot help much but I will try to research.

    Edit: Found many blogs, queries, info about this issue. I hope it will get fix soon but may be long too. :|

    Thanks for informing...
    Best Regards
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