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  1. crazedgod

    Post Turn off second microphone for noise cancellation

    Petyr Baelish Do you happen to hold the the phone in your right hand while on call by any chance? Does your little finger happens to cover the mic located right beside the USB C port while trying to stabilize the phone on a call? Used to happen to me initially till I figured that is what I...
  2. crazedgod

    Post People can't hear me when I make a call (A2017G 7.1.1)

    While this may sound stupid and condescending, it's not meant to be. I used to face the same issue when I used the phone. Initially thought that it was a problem with microphone, but it was also a bit weird cos it only happened when the phone was in my right hand. That's when i realized that...
  3. crazedgod

    Post Smart Lock Disabled

    Thanks for that peramikic. Didn't want to delete my settings and read and add them again to check if that was the case. Just being lazy :)
  4. crazedgod

    Thread Smart Lock Disabled

    Hi, Does anyone know if Smart Lock is disabled on this phone ? It says- disabled by administrator on my phone. I have my office email setup on this phone and was wondering if that has anything to do with it. Had the email set up on my previous phone (Moto Turbo) as well but was able to use...
  5. crazedgod

    Post What are the main cons of this Axon 7 ???

    1. Sound on wired and wireless earphone has been really good in my experience. Would still recommend using wired earphones whenever possible. The speakers are loudest I've heard and are amazingly clear. 2. I've tested the phone in direct sunlight and did not have any problem reading the screen...
  6. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Lol I love the "the folks at Saygus share that frustration and are doing everything possible to get the phone ready for shipment". They've been doing "everything they can" for 18 months now and still no phone. Anyone else think it's possible that they actually suck at making phones?
  7. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    My bet's on peanut-butter being available by the time they deliver a phone with an 801 processor.
  8. crazedgod

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Android 6 - Marshmallow (August 5, 2016) [T700/T705/T800/T805]

    Schischu, thank you for taking the time out to upload this ROM. It's awesome. For anyone thinking of flashing this below is my analysis on this ROM (Installed on SM-T700\klimtwifi\Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi) Pros: Clean and quick ROM: RAM usage used to be around 70% before but is no more than 60%...
  9. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Just wondering How many of you are still invested in this phone?
  10. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Go Saygus V2 Unicorn & Rainbow Box!! Saygus is working towards building the best smartphone BOX ever. Even the iPhone BOX wasn't built in a day. It's not Saygus's fault that the cardboard manufacturer for the boxes did not meet standards acceptable for the best smartphone BOX ever. Saygus's...
  11. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    and here i was hoping for the 820... maybe it's just me, I just expect way too much for $550...
  12. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    V2 latest pics Here's the latest pictures of the V2. Love the deep blue colour :p
  13. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    A very random update to the SayBS website. Not sure if it's a hint to the future of the V2 https://www.saygus.com/why-crowdfunded-smartphones-are-almost-always-doomed-to-failure/ Edit: Found the original article by Ryan Whitwam. Link below...
  14. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Is it made by an American company and comfortably fit both males and females??
  15. crazedgod

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Hi Andreas, Why would you continue to take up for Saygus? Time after again they've deliberately lied to customers; made them believe that the phone just about to be delivered, only to have an excuse why it could not be. The whole thing sounds exactly like what happened with their first...