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    Post Photo quality

    hi si there working night mode with gcam on moto g8 power?
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    Post Overall love

    i have question cuz i know this is a problem in RN7 and RN8 but is 8PRO have same screen bleed retention problem? anyone
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    Post Screen on time

    14h SOT possibly? i dont believe it ;)
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    Post Low light

    can u use gcam mod? stock camera on moto is useless
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    Post Screen on time

    lol i have only 3min per 1% battery so shot nothing near 8h SOT
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    Post Realme 7 Google camera

    ffs dotn use any version 6 gcam mods, just use v7, u have m\any of them and im guessing many will work fine, im usiing many of them on my motorola g7 - any of those mods r not compatibile with my phone but work like a charm, justy do it your self
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    Post Screen on time

    i have moto g7 with 3000 mAh, i have 6.:20 h on WIFI and 4:30-5 h on LTE so only 5-6 h on 5000mAh battery is garbage
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    Post Photo quality

    so what if he use a gcam, gcam does a milions white dots on bright yellow orange surfaces
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    Post Screen on time

    so what SOT do U have guys in 2020 im interresting ;)
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    Post Can not install apk

    i allowed install only second method, phone was is speed of light sell, freaking chinese meta
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    so im on stock andorid 10, is there any advatnages to go for Lineage or Pixel ROM? better battery maybe? better photos? any?
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    Post Can not install apk

    i just bought note 8t and fffs i cant instal from mixplorer apk, wtf????
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    Post Standby drain

    i have about 10% over 10h night drain and about 5-6% over 10h night on fly mode ;) so drain is big imho
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    Post Photo quality

    So none r posting any pghotos so i will be first one, im using Gcam Mod from Nikita's and Burial's, all photos r with VSCO filters
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    Post GCam working on the MoTo G7 (Working, portrait, night sight,video,Pano)

    burial latest mod is the same like parrot, nikita urnyx etc, but burial v7.2 like in my post is great, almost none white dots etc