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  • i really wanna thank you for your hard work
    i'm using your rom for over a year it's great
    no one here in egypt belive that i've installed wm 6.1 on my hermes(i-mate jasjam)
    i really wanna ask you if you are going to release wm6.5?
    Have been using your roms for my Jasjam now for 12 months. Have just updated to 13.3 Just wanted to say your work is outstanding. All the best and thanks heaps for the great work!
    Hey man! I'm wondering if I can find your device update for my hermes in a cab? The latest TNT rom doesn't come with it, which is nutz because it's ESSENTIAL!!! Please let me know! Thanks!
    Merry Christmas & Happy new hard drive!
    Looking forward to what you can come up with in your next ROM release. Device update is revolutionary!
    I'm Looking for the battery.dll 1% for the hermes. and i noticed that you made that cab/file.
    I'm using your rom quiet well. now just flash the Release 13.0. But then I couldnt install tcpmp to wath videos with divx format. Need your advise to enable my device runs the videos.
    Not as yet... Hermes is the only device I have - so it's the only one I can really develop for. Of course, if people want to supply me with other devices, I might be able to do something...
    Hi, this is my first time at trying a new ROM. The factory one seems so slow. Could you please verify that this ROM is for me? I'm in the USA, have a AT&T 8525 English phone. I flashed Hard SPL 2.10 olipro on my machine. I'm wanting to try your stable version, V13. I'm hoping to find an improvement on speed in my machine.
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