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    Post Searching GCam Mod working with all Lens

    Did you find any gcam with working astrophotography?
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    Post [ROM][raphael][android-11.0] ArrowOS 11.0 [OFFICIAL]

    Hi all, I'm on 20/03 build, just would like to make a little review. Coming from weekly rom here is what I've found: + rom is extremely smooth and fast, like no lags what so ever + animations are gorgeous, no sttuters when entering or leaving apps + gesture navigation is just way...
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 12

    Latest weekly: 6h SOT No lags or bugs vlog option back in camera
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    Post Android 11 for tucana (China Beta)

    Is it true that there are some new camera fetatures in android 11 like long exposure and camera frame for video?
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 12

    Yes but only on this phone. Mi9t/k20 still has it.
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 12

    Vlog option in camera is not avalilable on latest stable or beta. Can someone tell me lasto version where it is available?
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    Post Xiaomi EU Roms: and other options: (WEEKLY UPDATES!)

    wow is it possible that latest eu rom from this phone is 4 month ago? o.O
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    Post Screen on time

    I've seen your post history, and your screenshots. Most of them have a linear line of battery usage. That means that the phone is used constantly the same way. In other words - you are not using the phone at all. You turn off the screen lock, put minimal brightness, and leave your phone in the...
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    Post [ROM][Developer] MIUI 12

    I'm on global rom now and am thinking about switching to eu. Can someone tell me do eu roms have additional camera options like clone, stary night, dual recording etc.
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    Post Photo quality

    So i took few photos. 1) Stock cam portrait mode on object[email protected]/50231433373/in/album-72157715505381368/ comment: very nice object separation, good detail preservation. 2) Star of this phones camera setup - macro cam...
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    Post Best Fast charger(not wireless) for Pixel 3XL?

    Hi guys just to let you know i get much faster charging with s20+ charger then with stock one. Look at screenshot
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    Post Official ...

    Hah confirmed by who? International group with spanish language, ...
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    Post [STOCK] CN C26 Vendor + Firmware for a custom recovery [26.06.20]

    How to get latest update for stock, non root cn version?
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    Post Realme X2 Pro known issues? - buy advice

    Don't listen to this guy. I went from mi9t pro to this phone, and man: better performance, better signal and wifi, better video recording, much better screen, incredible speakers. Yes 3.5mm output is low, but i use bluetooth headseat anyway. Would recommend this phone to just anyone.
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    Post [Guide][CN Version]Removal of China related Apps [RealMe X2pro] Making it clean

    Hi all i got x2 pro (cn) version. I'm mostly satisfied. But i have one frustrating thing: I can't get google autofill service to work? Anyone msnaged to get it working?