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    Thread Question (September) Is Xiaomi.eu passing safety net unrooted?

    As per title. Or is there any other custom roms passing?
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    Post Development [ROM][11][Poco F3][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project

    I really love the OS, but recently I keep getting log out of google play services and unable to log back in. Anyone facing this issue? If n, which gapps to use? I been trying all the different gapps but to no avail
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    Is it possible to remove it before putting screen protector? I seem to have some scratches on it
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    Thread Question POCO F3 SCREEN PROTECTOR

    Dear all, Does the POCO F3 come with an in-built screen protector? I noticed a plastic like cover over the screen is this a screen protector or is it the screen? I havent applied any screen protector before to my newly received POCO F3
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    Post Question Screen bleeding

    Is the warranty still valid after unlocking bootloader? Because I thouhgt it was a miui problem, but its the same when I used arrow
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    Post Question Screen bleeding

    Do you think I should return the phone?
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    Thread Question Screen bleeding

    Does anyone has serious screen bleeding, nearly 20% of the screen is lighter when the background is gray. Is this a hardware or a software issue?
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    Thread Question Poco F3 video call front camera issue

    When I video call ornuse the selfie camera There is a reflection of the screen color Causing it to have a dim. Is this a software issue or a hardware issue?
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    Post Question Screen flickering on Poco F3

    Hey thanks for the reply. So after the reading more about it is it possible for a software fix (dc dimming) or to change the frequency with adb? It's really abit annoying and hurts my eyes after awhile
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    Thread Question Screen flickering on Poco F3

    Hi guys I have this issue of my screen flickering from a darker to lighter screen all the time slightly.