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Recent content by CWKJ

  1. CWKJ

    Post [KERNEL][GUIDE][CONVERSION]Convert kernel zip to tar

    I know this thread on "zip to tar for odin" is in S2 development, is this conversion generic for other Samsung Device or it's only specific for S2?
  2. CWKJ

    Post [APP][HI LAUNCHER] Hi Launcher v1.0

    I like this launcher. Anyone tried the latest Hi Launcher v1.8 with Samsung Galaxy S III with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1? It says "Unfortunately, Hi Launcher has stopped". Uninstall and re-install doesn't work. Anyone have the same problem?
  3. CWKJ

    Post A very good news ~ Galaxy Tab email.apk working perfectly

    Works great. Cannot install, so just copy with temporary root, reboot and it works.
  4. CWKJ

    Post The Officially ...Unofficial ...Show us your Desktop Thread!!! :)

    Here is my home screen page 1 and 2.
  5. CWKJ

    Post [Q] DioPen IME from asian firmware

    The Google Pinyin IME when selected, it prompts a message the all key strokes (text, password, credit card number, etc) will be send (to don't know where). Is it safe to use? I supposed it only happens when I use the keyboard for Chinese, right? And I use another keyboard for others, it's safe...
  6. CWKJ

    Post [GUIDE] Step by Step ROM Firmware Upgrade & Migration to Froyo 2.2 [JL2] Bell I9000M

    Upgraded, cool. Product Code is XSO (Singapore). Version from JF3 (official) to JF4 (official). Some feedback, the KIES (latest version) is quite dumb. The first time I went into KIES upgrade to take a look with no intention of doing upgrade and quit KIES, but the KIES Registry changes from...
  7. CWKJ

    Post 60% at least lag free - very very simple solution

    Samsung Task Manager, sound like you are using Froyo. Does it work on Eclair?
  8. CWKJ

    Post [APP]SuperOneClick v2.3.3 - Motorola Exploit Added!

    Great Tools!!! Root and Unroot in one. What adding OCLF?
  9. CWKJ

    Post [APP] One Click Lag Fix APK - 2.0 (UNSUPPORTED development halted)

    hmm... on the tree!!! I guess I have to try both the Root and OCLF once I got my official update of Froyo from Samsung.
  10. CWKJ

    Post [APP] z4root

    34 Pages of reading, tough, skip some for fast reading. Correct me if I am wrong, from what I gather, this root thingy works on SGS on both Eclair or Froyo, and can upgrade via KIES even it is a Rooted Ecair, right? Has the unroot work yet?
  11. CWKJ

    Post [app] TheftAlarm

    Any Galaxy S user tried this? Ok? @bigWheeel5 Installed on Samsung Galaxy S. After successful installation, the app is able to start. It prompt for Password, after key in password, it comes to a menu with "Manage SIM's" and "Manage Tel. numbers". Clicking on either only shows Black Screen...
  12. CWKJ

    Post Swype

    Thought I saw this question and answer somewhere, not sure. If so, this is double post. Anyway, when you get into text mode, 1. Look for the text area on the screen. 2. Do a "long press", that is press and hold. 3. You should see "Text Input Method" 4. Click on it, you should see Swype option.
  13. CWKJ

    Post Good Free Anti-Theft Apps?

    Ok, thanks, will check it out.
  14. CWKJ

    Post How to change bottom 4 icons?

    Oh, misunderstood. So you want to change the 'look' of the icon. Sorry, that one I do not know.
  15. CWKJ

    Thread Good Free Anti-Theft Apps?

    Was using a freeware done by one of the guys here on WM Phones and a great piece of work. Currently using the free version of F-Secure, have not really read the user manual, so not sure how it really works. I try to change SIM Card, the Apps only feedback the SIM is change and no SMS send to...