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    Post Wrong pin when I try to restore a Nandroid backup?

    Ran into this same wrong PIN issue trying to restore a backup created using FlashFire on a 5X. 1) Restore from Nandroid Backup 2) Go into ADB and use the following commands: rm /data/system/locksettings.db rm /data/system/*.key OR delete it via TWRP Filemanager 3) Boot and voila...
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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    Wrong PIN from restore. Restoring normal backup will not accept PIN to restart device. Accepts PIN during boot but not to unlock phone. 5X on newest stock, bullhead-mtc19v.
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    Thread FYI: Visual Studio Community 2013 - Free for individual and teams under 5

    Full access to VS for free! Visual Studio Community 2013 November 12, 2014 Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new edition that enables you to unleash the full power of Visual Studio to develop cross-platform solutions. Create...
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    Thread HD2 on Swappa

    Selling my HD2 on swappa. 100% working order.
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    Post Dell Venue Pro 8 Accessories
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    Post Dell Venue 8 Pro Review

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Appx\PackageRoot to point to your microSD card location. I believe the ability was locked down in 8.1. It produces a error when updating apps now.
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    Post Dell Venue 8 Pro - links on USB & Power

    I ended up getting a more expensive but similar hub. The cheap ones seem to be sold out everywhere unless they are shipping from China and I didn't feel like waiting for weeks. I picked my Dell up as an open box at Micro Center for $139. I don't even know why it was so cheap. It looked like it...
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    Thread Dell Venue 8 Pro - links on USB & Power

    I stumbled across these forum posts looking into how to get power and data at the same time on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Many good ideas on cable combos and hacking USB hubs to get the power and data working: For the more...
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    Post How to port an App?

    You could try coping the folders over. C:\Program Files\WindowsApps is where they are located. The folder is hidden and you have to take ownership to open.
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    Post [Release] RT Jailbreak Tool

    You need an 8.0 recovery image.
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    Post Surface RT + Touch cover 2

    I paid for the extra year of warranty so it may happen at some point. The MS rep I got it from even stated the unit would be replaced by whatever the current model was. I think if the RT wasn't such a flop that would be the case.
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    Post Surface RT + Touch cover 2

    I've had 2 RT with 2 different touch cover v1 do the same thing. Personally hoping they sell out the RT so I can get a replacement of a Surface 2. My RT is frustratingly slow to use now and various apps tend to crash it. Getting sick of wiping it every other month.
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    Post vlc for RT update - MS changed APIs?

    Not sure why the devs have such a hard time updating the people who funded their project. Backers are generally pissed off on Kickstarter.
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    Post Add blocker on rt?

    You can edit the host same as pc. Just need to add host to exclude on Defender or it will revert.
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    Post home button not working on surface rt

    I had the same problem when I updated from 8 to 8.1 and needed to refresh. The process is jacked up and does not update the recovery partition to anything useable. If you search all the articles that talk about the 8.1 recovery are now linking to the 8.0 download. Rather annoying. I may have...