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  1. cygnus39

    Post [ROM][onyx][7.1.x][OFFICIAL][WEEKLIES] Lineage Android Distribution for OnePlus X

    This ROM is stable and awesome..!! Full wipe in latest twrp v3.1.1.1 then flash this ROM along with nano Gapps from openGapps. Haven't find any bugs yet, coz everything works fine for me. Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, run smoothly as baby ass [emoji14] Need more time just to fix ViperFX to get...
  2. cygnus39

    Post [APP] Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects (FX v2.5.0.5) - New Features & 7.0 Support

    Viper for nougat is installed and driver is also running well. But after I've paused the songs, its not running anymore. Any idea? Edit : running smoothly after set to compatible in setting. :) Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  3. cygnus39

    Post Setting up ViPER4Android under SElinux Enforcing (running Lollipop/Marshmallow)

    Thanx for your guide sir. Now Viper is running smoothly in my stock MM OneplusX. :) For anyone who couldnt run the SeLinux Enforcing because of root manager problem, just follow these guide. Cheers :)
  4. cygnus39

    Post Post your Screenshots / Homescreens / Lockscreens

    Stock ROM OOS 2.2.2 with Nova Prime + Zooper :) Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  5. cygnus39

    Post [ROM][UnOfficial MiUi8 Lollipop 5.1.1][WT86047-WT88047] XTRVbeta2-7.2.24

    Thanks for the answer :) Actually i prefer Viper4Android more than Dolby ( imho its better lol ), so i'm gonna try your ROM as soon as possible. will report any bugs if i find any :)
  6. cygnus39

    Post [ROM][UnOfficial MiUi8 Lollipop 5.1.1][WT86047-WT88047] XTRVbeta2-7.2.24

    Thanx for your work sir.. :) i have questions , can I replace Dolby Atmos and use ViperFX4 instead ? and does this ROM support Exposed Framework? Thanx before.
  7. cygnus39

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Xiaomi Redmi2 forum please.. Its not Redmi Note2 (different) Sent from my Redmi in Mars
  8. cygnus39

    Post English language?

    Thats odd.. whats your MIUI version ? i've just updated to 6.6.6 version and have no problem atm...
  9. cygnus39

    Post Xiaomi Redmi 2

    I think he's right. I mean mostly the chinese phone OEM didnt release the source because they have no intention for the device development itself. :rolleyes: But i agreed that this phone has good specs with reasonably price.. Lets just wait and see then.. ;)
  10. cygnus39

    Post [Q] How to improve the Battery usage of Redmi2?

    Try to look the battery usage in setting > additional setting > battery.. If mediaserver is the one consuming the battery, then it must be the mediaserver bug ( im also facing this problem yesterday). to resolve this bug, try to format your sdcard (backup in pc first) , then factory reset your...
  11. cygnus39

    Post Need help Lollipop Root

    First things first.. :) coz' sometimes we forget the basic .. 1. have you turn on the usb debugging (developers options) in setting? 2. have you installed the latest intel android driver for your pc? 3. try to run adb as admin in your pc 4. try to disable your AntiVirus (before running ADB)...
  12. cygnus39

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    LG g3 stylus please.. :) Sent from my LG-D690 using Tapatalk 4
  13. cygnus39

    Post How to Root LG G3 Stylus

    nice info bro... :) im just using VROOT and it works..
  14. cygnus39

    Post [Q] Need help to Root LG G3 Stylus (D690)

    well, i just bought this phone yesterday and i've rooted it using VROOT... :D just install the app and the latest LG driver in your PC and dont forget to enable the USB debugging in the developer mode first. Note : 1. its chinese software, try using translate then click the download button...
  15. cygnus39

    Post [Guide] LG G PRO LITE- Unroot/Unbrick - flash official factory firmware

    again i'm getting bootloop after updating from V20A to V20B (Kitkat).. i think it must be because i have been rooting my GPL before and i'm forget to do the factory reset before updating.. but then i do the hard reset again (vol down + power) and now my phone is fresh like from the oven.. lol :p