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  • excuse me
    i've got a problem
    i check my mobile fellow your step
    but i can only know about the Device : ELF010050
    i can't see the cid id
    my email:[email protected]
    i need your help
    thank you very much
    and my spl 1.11.0000 ipl 1.11.0002 s1+
    Hy ... Tank for your reponse ... i see this post, but i can't do nothing, maybe because now is little bit too much difficult for me. I am in boot loader whit ipl 1.14.0002 and spl 1.14.0000 and every rom i put or i try tu put say at 3% error missing file or error communication orr ..... the error ... i cant put the cab file becuse i don't have active sync prpry conncted. I don't know at the moment if i have to tray to change before rom, spl or ipl. I am little bit confused. If you see something , the most one are using cab and active sync and they are not for me. i olso find a "compilation with all software" for htc touch elf, but i can't do what i have to do. .... i'll hope i can find some guide to rebuild my htc touch . looking aroun this forum i find a lot of people whit the same problem .... but i can't find a standard for rebuilt htc.....Tanks a lot and sorry for my english .
    hello Cyzeek,
    i have HTC elf0100 orange lang(fre)
    iam treing update rom with english rom
    but now give me error after 2%
    what can i do ? i can't do anything help me plz
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