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  • Hi,
    My apologize, 5 minutes ago I discovered that I've got some msgs :))
    I use Sandisk: 1GB (fat > SD) for firmware, OS etc changes and 8GB UltraII (vfat > SDHC) for daily use. I hasn't got any problems. Currently using WM 6.1 ver.1.4 (by Yevg001 from 4pda.ru) but running with no problems on 6.0 (before and after FW upg also).
    Hi Darek,

    I am just wondering you mentioned to me before you had a 1GB is it Sandisk? because I can't get the 1GB and 2 GB to work on my PDA, HP have acknowledged the problem and its being escalated. They initially tried to tell me there was no solution besides using a different brand but I wasn't happy with that feedback so its still in progress.

    But what I can't understand is that how come yourself and others can get a Sandisk 1GB to work on yours. Is it because I have a 612c with a Rom Version MP 1.01.04 WM6?

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