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Recent content by d1srupt3r

  1. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM][AROMA]Multi-CSC]Micky387_MM_V3.0 for 915F/FY/G

    Thanks for the help. :) everything is fine now. Cheers!
  2. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM][AROMA]Multi-CSC]Micky387_MM_V3.0 for 915F/FY/G

    Thanks Micky! Seems to be better than the rest of the versions. I've been using it for 2 days a d everything great. However, I just have one question, when I tried to dial a number in the dialer, number typed in doesn't appear as usual. Am I the only one or others have it also? Thank you again...
  3. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM][AROMA]Multi-CSC]Micky387_MM_V3.0 for 915F/FY/G

    Thanks for the info. I'll try it and hopefully this will fix this annoying backup password. Thanks again!
  4. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM][AROMA]Multi-CSC]Micky387_MM_V3.0 for 915F/FY/G

    The ROM is running great and fast. However, I just wonder if we could deactivate the below? My edge has fingerprint lock activated. The above screenshot happens once in a while even when the didn't restarted. I was using Google map and suddenly it stopped working because this screen appeared...
  5. d1srupt3r

    Post Edge VR / cardboard

    Any update on this VR if it works with our Note Edge?
  6. d1srupt3r

    Post [FIX] [UPDATED 2012-12-15] Internal SDCARD Damaged

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the great tutorials trevd and karmacoma7, but one question here trevd , I need to confirm which one to use if logical or primary on each partition: Partition 1: 28 GB Fat 32 (sdcard partition)----primary according to karmacoma7 Partition 2: 4 GB ext4 (data...
  7. d1srupt3r

    Post [KERNEL]Netarchy Nexus for NS + NS4G (22-Oct-2011) Testing: 1.4.1

    My CONFIG_TUN is Y so it's built-in. So I'll just turn off the "Load tun kernel module" in my Openvpn settings. :) Thanks a bunch mate! ;)
  8. d1srupt3r

    Post [KERNEL]Netarchy Nexus for NS + NS4G (22-Oct-2011) Testing: 1.4.1

    Using tun.ko Hello guys! I tried to search everywhere but I really can't find/understand how to use the built-in tun.ko of MIUI in my nexus s? I have to use openvpn app and their advance settings, I don't know what to write on "Path to tun module". Anyone please advice me? Sorry for being...
  9. d1srupt3r

    Post VOODOO colors - "best settings is here"

    I've combined everything here and this is the best for me. :D The pictures are vivid and all details are seen. :D By the way, I use MIUI 1.7.1 and Netarchy 1.3.4 :D
  10. d1srupt3r

    Post Miui - galnet - reworked

    I am also using Globe Telecom. Use the baseband 900mhz/1850mhz (3g)2100mhz or choose Austria Optus in baseband switcher, it may also do.
  11. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM] Official Froyo KR v3.4.2-74 released.

    I came from Pays ROM 5.1. I tried to follow the steps in the first post but after I flashed the fixed sbf I had an error in the bootup. So I started again and just resotred the nandroid without applying the fixed sbf and it works! :D Thanks for this! Everything works but then after I applied the...
  12. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM] Pays-ROM Defy v6.0 Froyo with Ginger feeling [3.4.2-164 official]

    I thought the haptic is already fixed? But I am still having the bug after applying the 5.1.. Anyone can confirm this?
  13. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM] S.Froyo CEE II Edition

    I tried to copy the MMS.apk from PaysROM but that doesn't fixed the issue. Then I tried to put the 3 apk you gave above and set the phone to vibrate always in the text messaging settings, still no luck. :confused:
  14. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM] S.Froyo CEE II Edition

    Hmmm.. I don't think so because I tried to apply Pays' ROM (same SBF base 3.4.2-155) but I didn't experienced the same problem in SMS vibrate.
  15. d1srupt3r

    Post [ROM] S.Froyo CEE II Edition

    Hi! I tried to wipe and then flash the 3.4.2.-155, after that my message vibrate works. And then I rooted and applied this ROM again, when I tested the message vibrate it's all gone again. Is there something wrong with ROM? Is it only me who experience this? :(