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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 - Xiaomi Mi 8

    Can I flash from 18.1 unofficial to 18.1 official without wipe?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 - Xiaomi Mi 8

    Is it going to be possible to upgrade from 18.1 UNOFFICIAL to 18.1 OFFICIAL without a wipe when it comes out?
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    Post Mi 8 hard bricked but can get into EDL - What are my options?

    I ended up using a paid service on Telegram where a person with a subscription to some flashing software was able to flash my phone with a ROM from EDL mode using Teamviewer, so all good now and phone is working again. If taking this route be wary of who you use for this as I am sure there are...
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    Thread Mi 8 hard bricked but can get into EDL - What are my options?

    I have managed to brick my Mi 8, I think due to trying to flash a Chinese rom but not sure exactly what I did, I had ultimately been trying to install LineageOS. The phone will only go into a bootloop with the Mi symbol showing, I cannot get it into recovery or bootloader by holding the buttons...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for sagit

    Has anyone had the camera flash not working in GCam when using this ROM? It works fine with the Lineage camera app but not in GCam.
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    Post [9][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for sagit

    Can we migrate to the official lineageos builds from this without losing data?
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    Post Official 8.1 Oreo is releasing for the rest of the Moto X4 since two days ( ! )

    My XT1900-5 still does not have the 8.1 update. Anyone know what is going on with the roll out?
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.x] LineageOS 14.1 OFFICIAL Builds (pme)

    I'm a bit confused by this 4g issue (which I have) and potentially being fixed by updating to the latest firmware. Is it possible to flash a firmware update without wipe? And I assume the latest firmware is compatible with this ROM so I don't need to be careful about which I install?
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    Thread [Q] No signal after battery and flex cable change

    So I changed my battery and flex cable to get better battery life and the USB port was getting a bit ropy. Everything went well but now I have no signal at all. I have tried putting in the old flex cable back in but still no signal. I have tried reconnecting all the connectors. I have re...
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    Post The Nexus 5 Defects Thread

    Thanks. So if they receive the phone back and determine that there is nothing wrong with it they won't send you a new phone and presumably will just send your old one back? Does anyone have experience of the RMA process in the UK?
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    Post The Nexus 5 Defects Thread

    I am considering requesting an RMA. I have read on here that some people are sent a phone prior to them having to return their defective phone, therefore they are never without a phone. Whereas some people say they have had to send their phone back before receiving a new phone. Why is this and...
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    Post [ROM][PORT] CyanogenMod 11 | KitKat | BUILD 8 | 29 Nov ]

    Will this ROM be able to update to the official cm11 nightlies via the built in updated once they are released?
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    Thread [Q] Replacing the home button?

    Having had my S2 for nearly 2 years now the home button has started to become unresponsive to normal presses and requires quite a hard press to make it work. Therefore I plan to buy the necessary parts on ebay and replace it myself. I replaced the usb port successfully myself previously so am...
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    Post [Q] 16gb Nexus 4 thinks its an 8gb

    Thanks I'll give this a go
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    Thread [Q] 16gb Nexus 4 thinks its an 8gb

    My 16gb nexus 4 is only showing as having 5.67gb of internal storage space instead of what should be around 12gb for the 16gb version. I'm running cm10.2. Has anyone come across this before and knows how to fix it?