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    Post [APP][ROOT/NONROOT][OFFICIAL] AdAway v5.6.0

    No update on F-Droid yet
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    Post April 2021 Security Patch

    Still no download-link 😔
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    Post [GUIDE] Remove unlocked bootloader warning

    In newest Firmware the Warning ist removed
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    Post [ROM]CrDROID ANDROID V6.11 [10.0][STABLE][MiA2]

    Is ANX Camera removed? If yes: why?
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    Post [ROM]CrDROID ANDROID V6.11 [10.0][STABLE][MiA2]

    Link does not work... Only v5 here
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    Post Game booster or game tuning performance ?

    Try different kernel or test L-Speed, FDE.AI, etc...)
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    Post Android 10 January 2020 security patch

    Its just a workaround for the annoying e-mail suggestions in settings app. You have to be rooted. Use a root explorer (e.g. Solid Explorer, etc.) and navigate to /data/data/ open suggestions.xml file here with text editor (many root explorer had...
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    Double posting is disturbing...
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    Post Android 10 January 2020 security patch

    There is a workaround, but you need to be rooted
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    Post [GUIDE] Official Stock Android 10 flashing , Rooting with magisk and TWRP

    Yes, if you only install official OTA, banking apps work. Why not? Its official and unrooted But decryption Script will useless without root i think