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  • Hey Da_G...I know this answer is probably out there and you are busy but I just bought the HD2 for T Mobile and I want to know if a) WM7 will be available and b) if an android ROM is in the works and if so, do you have any links?
    Thanks, man....
    May i have Language Localization Packages 0404 CHT Chinese Traditional 台灣, since the link is vaild. THank you for help. i want to generate a Chinese Traditional NIKI 6.5 ROM!
    My Email: [email protected]
    hi man, you are amazing.

    i have seen that you created a sgh-i607 samsung blackjack wm6.1 rom but the website where it was posted:txcaesar.net isnt about mobile phones anymore.

    do you still have the rom? thank you.
    Hi, Da_G,
    If you please, 1.Can you build a signed RUU wp7 rom using your NBHImageTool that you posted here
    and publish that to all users, because I really can't work with it.
    2.And how the ".nb" files can be accessed or flashed to devices?
    3.Is the original posted .nbh file available for flashing directly? Or it needs Hard SPL first? Or it fails?
    Thnx alot, please reply via PM.
    Hello, Da_G!
    I saw once, that you said, if someone needs SYS build with specific language, he can ask :)
    so i decided to ask you for 21903 SYS with Russian 0419 language, cause i need it to
    cook my ROM. Hope you can help me
    Hello Da_G,

    sorry for contacting u this way, but i have a bit of a problem. Today my new GarminAsus Nuviphone M10 arived, the only thing is that it's a german version and i need it to be dutch. I can set the device to Dutch at the regionsettings, but it stays in german. Is it posible to just add the dutch languagepack? Ore is this problem not as simple as i think it is? I think the ROM in the device is CE OS 55.2.23096 (Build 23096.5.3.2) i hope u can help me with this, or helping me a bit on the way.

    Best regards,
    Mario Koopman (The Netherlands)
    I having issues with my htc hd2. After it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons light on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker. I have to soft reset alot only to use it for about 30min before i does one of the three issues.
    I own a new HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint and at the present time this device is running Windows Mobile 6.1. I would like to upgrade this phone to at least 6.5.5 if it is available. Is this possible and still be able to use all the features including the MMS/SMS features?
    Hi, I have a HTC hd smartphone, where can I download windows 6.5 or greater for the HTC HD ?

    Hello Da_G, I am trying to flash my HTC Fuze with windows 6.5. Is it possible to get a copy from you? If not can you direct me to somewhere?
    Do you have a link for the Windows Mobile 6.5 latest build? I would be interested specifically in Rhodium build if it matters.
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