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    Post [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Hello @flar2. I try to simulate Fire Tv remote menu button on my Sony Android TV by using this app. I tried setting action "Show menu" on one of the buttons but it doesn't work on all apps. For example it doesn't work on Firefox TV Browser. But when mapping button via custom keycode and setting...
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    Post Google PlayStore problem on MXQ Pro+ 4k

    Hello, I have similar problem that Google play Store doesn't update itself on MXQ Pro 4K RK3229 Android 7 and I can't update even when installing from apk. I can only update it using root explorer and copying new version to system. I tried running adb logcat while running the update from apk and...
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    Post How i activated HEY CORTANA on Lumia 640 XL DS

    Is it possible to force enable Cortana when using unsupported language and region. I know that it's possible to do on Windows 10 desktop desktop version but I couldn't make it work onmobile. I have to set my region to United states and language to English if I want to make Cortana work on...
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    Post [App][Source][BETA]DHTPersonalization - Dynamically manage your theme

    Hello, when I'm installing DHTPersonalization_0.0.729.0 to Nokia Lumia 635 I get this error: Package could not be registered. (0x80073cf6). How can i fix this? Windows version: 1607 OS build: 10.0.14393.1944 Edit: I managed to solve this problem by using interlop tools. But now I have another...
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    Post [UPDATED Feb14][How-To] Root AML8726-MX Generic Devices

    Thanks, worked perfectly with HKC S86
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    Post [OFFICIAL][I9105P][4.2.2TW] RedRom v3.1{FINAL}

    How did you add init.d support to this rom? What files have you edited?
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    Post (MOD)(BL1.2ROM-CM-10)SmOoTher_BeAn_4.1.2(G-tablet)(Updated 02/01/13)

    Could someone upload this rom because I can't download from original link.
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    Post [ROM-AOSP][BL-1.2]G-Harmony ICS 4.0.4 ODEXed (UPDATED 8/19)

    Could someone upload this rom because I can't download from original link.
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    Post [ROM-AOSP][BL-1.2]G-Harmony Jellybean 4.1.2 ODEXed (UPDATED 12/28)

    Could someone upload this rom because I can't download from original link.
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    Post [MOD][V5]Ultimate Performence-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

    Would it be possible to create something like this for stock rom?
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    Post Best ROM to revive a GT-S5570 in 2017? :)

    Just install stock rom and root it. It will be stable and you can use root apps for more features. You can download latest stock rom here or use KIES.
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    Thread [GUIDE] Play Pokemon Go on Galaxy SII Plus GT-I9105/P official stock firmware

    If you want to play Pokemon Go on this or similar device, follow these steps. 1. Root your device, I recommend this guide 2. Download and install Pokemon Go mod for android 4.0.4+ 3. Download and install GLTools. 4. Open GLTools and select Pokemon Go. 5. Check these options: * Enable custom...
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    Post How to change mac address?

    Try this guide